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  1. Hello, I am looking for the chrome rings/bezels that goes on the edge of the headlight on either a 36 or 37 Plymouth. I would appreciate any and all help! Thanks, Dennis
  2. Good Evening, Here is one picture that I have. I can take a few more tomorrow. Thanks, Dennis
  3. Good evening. Does anyone know where I can get headlight bezels for my 36 Dictator Coupe? I would appreciate any and all help. This is a picture before I started the restoration. I have one but it is broken and in very bad shape. Thanks! Dennis
  4. Thanks Ken. I have tried the 6 volt and yes it didn't bring up the pressure. I didn't know if the starter could take 12 volt. I changed my 9N Ford tractor to 12 volt and kept the same starter. I will give that a try, but only for short periods. I thought about using 12 volt. Thanks, Dennis
  5. Before I start my 36 3A coupe for the first time how can I get the oil pressure to come up. Too cold and icy to pull it and I want to get it started. Any info will be helpful. Thanks, Dennis
  6. I have a 3A with a straight axle. I am unsure what you mean by tie rod set up. Have the rod with tie rod ends, which I have replaced.
  7. Hello Everyone, I have been looking for a reach rod end for my 36 Dictator Coupe, part #188061 for 2 years. Mine is the one with the spring on it and the other one I purchased with the same part number is the other one in the picture. Can someone help me with any information. The last thing that I want to do is start cutting on the original one to make the other one work. Thanks, Dennis
  8. Thanks everyone. I have it in and moving on. Now I working on getting a seal for the transmission tail shaft. I want to have the drive line in before I start the 36, so the clutch assembly doesn't move. Dennis
  9. Thanks everyone. Today I ordered one from 'Restoration Supply Company'. It is a 160* and it goes in the upper radiator hose. I don't know how to attach the picture that I took of my book. But it shows it in the hose held in place with a hose clamp. As soon as I learn how to get picture from my phone to the computer I will post a picture of my restoration of the 36 Dictator Coupe. I can't wait to drive it as I never have. Again thanks, Dennis
  10. Thanks Dave. I called Advance yesterday and they did know, but it was a younger man. Did the one that you got open at the correct temp? My book says that the 36 should open at 148-153*. I am looking on line for one. The 36 has a 2" upper hose. Thanks, Dennis
  11. I am looking for a thermostat/ 187682 for my 1936 Dictator. I know that it goes into the radiator hose between the radiator and the water outlet. Does anyone know where I can find one or how I can adapt another stat in its place? I would appreciate any and all help. Dennis
  12. Thank you for your help!! I really appreciate. Will try it this weekend. Dennis
  13. I have been searching for the correct removal of the distributor, but haven't found it. Can someone please tell me how to remove it correctly,so that when I put it back in, it is in the correct position? I want to clean/check the vacuum advance and see if the bushings on the shaft are in need of replacement and paint it. Also the vacuum line is broken, copper I think. Need a new line and a way to flare the end. Thanks, Dennis
  14. I am in the process of restoring my 36 Coupe. I had the exhaust manifold media blasted and want to know what to put on it. When I purchased the car it looked like it had a silver type of paint on it. Can someone please give me a few ideas as to what I should put on it. Thanks, Dennis
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