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  1. Thanks for the ideas everyone. The oil should be here tomorrow. Fixing and checking a lot of things on the dodge. Learning more and more about what the car wants. I guess when it gets down to it, We are just the caretakers of these great cars and the more we can share information the better off we will be. Thanks again
  2. Wanted to mention that I called Brattons this morning and talked to a guy there that checked on my order of 600 wt gear oil. Turns out they are sold by the quart not the pint that I was told when ordering. So I guess that I have 10 Quarts of Gear oil coming for my Dodge instead of 10 pints. That should do it.
  3. Hi pint4 I'm helping my son rebuild a 120 Packard Junior. We have a connection for you that might help. Call David Moe 425 334 7754 He is the Packard man for good information and parts in the NorthWest. Here is a list of what we are looking for, maybe you have or know where we can get these parts. 1 Packard Deluxe heater 2 Lady of speed hood ornament 3. Louvers for the side of the hood 4 two front fenders with the wheel wells and metal tire covers 5. radio 6. Trippie lights for the front, they clamp on to the bumper brackets. Maybe we can help each other since we are working on the same car.
  4. My son is restoring a 1937 Packard 120 We need two Trippie lights for it. Also the hood ornament The Lady of speed. Packard Deluxe heater, side louvers for the hood. Thanks
  5. Wish I found out about these suppliers before I ordered the 600# oil from Brattons. The lady on the phone said it costs $10.30 per pint. So I had to order 10 pints to have enough for my Dodge Touring car trans. and rear end. That will leave me some left over for future use. So guess I paid over twice the price from them compared to Snyders at $8.25 Quart and Langs at $8.75 Quart. Brattons also reads that there 600 oil description is a 140 SAE Industrial gear lube, A accepted oi for old 600 WT. oil. I guess that a phone call from me should be made to Brattons this Monday to see whats up. Maybe she thought its a pint when it really is a Quart. I can only hope.
  6. A friend of mine was in high school and needed a car to work on. He noticed a chrome bumper sticking out of a old garage. The old guy that just opened the door allowed him to buy it, said it hasn't run for awhile. He bought it for around $300. and had his dad help tow it home. They had to uncover all the junk that was piled on the car and what did they find, a 1967 Camaro, Convertible. He told me that while restoring it a year later he found out it was the 1st one off the line the #1 car Of course like you, I didn't believe him so I followed him home and there it was, and looked like it had never been driven. #1 off the line.
  7. Well Mr. JFranklin you get the gold star ! That is what was needed. Another source informed me and my son that when this pin fell out or broke, the factory sent a shaft with gear and the Rivit pressed in. The bad thing was that mine fell out, the good thing is my son is a machinist so he made a new pin and came over and helped me fix the missing pin problem. Now I need some 600 wt. gear oil and I'm off to the car shows. Thanks so much for your input.
  8. It was a 1/4" roll pin that was put in, then fell out again after I bought the car. I did find what was left of a solid pin in the bottom of the case, but it was mangled and I'm not able to get a good diameter on it. not sure if it was the one that came with the car new. I have a book called the Dodge Brothers passenger car master parts list. It has pictures but does not mention the pins or show any in the pictures. I'm ready for the pin, just need to know what and where to get it. Thanks for your reply.
  9. Hello Everyone I am making my first post on this great site. I have a 1925 Dodge Touring car and have a transmission problem. The pin fell out of the big gear that drives the speedometer and also keeps me from going to 3rd gear. I have taken all the gear oil out, it was thin and not at the right level. I found the old pin and all the gears look good. My question is what pin should be put back in ? It looks to be .265 dia. hole and looks to be 1 3/4" long. What should be used a knurled pin ? Where could this pin be bought ? I noted that a standard 1/4" roll pin fits loose and will fall through the hole.
  10. Call David Moe in Marysville Washington State His number is 425 293 7709 Cell # He specializing in 1920 - 1958 Packards or E-Mail: I'm looking for the Lady of Speed hood ornament, Packard Delux heater , Radio and front fenders with the tire wells for the same year Packard as yours Hope this helps you.