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  1. OK, plugs are good, coil is good, replaced the fuel pump and filter. Still no luck. Maybe the carb needs rebuilt or the gas is really dirty from the gas tank?
  2. Hey guys, just bought a 48 Dodge Deluxe.It wasn't running when i brought it home until I just tightened down the positive battery cable and it fired right up. I was driving it yesterday and it stalled out on me and wouldn't start again. Today I took a wire brush to both the positive and negative terminals and it started right up. I let it run for about 3 mins, it stalled and wouldn't start again. I'm new to working on cars so I'm not sure how to diagnose the problem. Anyone have advice? I'm gonna try changing the spark plugs and coil maybe ?
  3. Hey guys. Has anyone changed an oil pump in a 48 Deluxe? If so, is it pretty simple? Got any tips? Thank you