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  1. I own a 1936 Dodge Business Coupe and needing the following: head light knob, EXV-2 Stromberg carburetor (period correct). Larry
  2. I'm restoring a 1936 Dodge Business Coupe and need just a few parts. I need an original Stromberg EXV-2 one barrel carburetor, engine firewall grommets, headlight knob,horn for engine compartment. Do you have any of these parts available and what is the price. Thanks in advance Larry
  3. Thanks so much.. I appreciate the info... Larry
  4. My wife and I recently purchased a 1936 Dodge Business Coupe that was frame off restored 7 years ago. The restorer used plastic hood fasteners on the hood small chrome moldings. They break at the slightest pressure. Can anyone provide info on locating the proper fasteners for the small hood moldings? They don't have to be made in 1936 but would be nice if they are period correct. I have an original 1936 Dodge Brothers parts book that list the clip numbers but doesn't help me when inputting them on the Internet to locate. Help! Lol......Larry
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