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  1. Sorry to hear man. Yeah I can see why you'd prefer drums again. Fingers crossed I don't have those issues but if I do I'll be sure to sort them out.
  2. Hey guys here's a link to more photos of both the front and rear. Hope it helps.
  3. Hey guys. I've just completed front and rear Disc conversion on my 63 Riviera. I just wanted to show you guys how it looks. I was making this video initially to help those guys who are using the 79-85 Eldorado rear calipers with built in E-brake. I'm using scarebird brackets front and rear. 71 Deville front calipers with 95 GM 1/2ton truck rotors, and on the rear we have 76 T-bird rotors with 79 Eldorado calipers. Only minor machining needed to get everything to work on the rear. Hope you guys like the video. Benny. I just noticed the link is working. If you type 79-85 Eldorado Rear Caliper on 63 Riviera fix on YouTube my videos will come up. There are 4 parts. Part 1 has the clip with them on the car. Happy viewing.