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  1. need one bad mine cracked and now sounds like farm truck have one let me know and price thank you for your time
  2. my header cracked and it caused my 58 buick special to sound like a farm truck. well while i locate another is there another year header that will fit till i can find an actual 58 header? thanks in advance
  3. its a special and its a single exhaust. yes if you have one PM me with a price. ill start my search for a welder that can do this kind of weld
  4. put the 58 buick in the garage and set for a few days. went to start it up and it was loud like an exhaust leak. Thought it might be a gasket leak. found a nice large crack all the way around it. when it heats up it closes off so it isnt as loud but my question is Can i get it welded up? or am i stuck paying a crazy amount for a ebay one?
  5. My 1958 buick special has developed a squeak in the gas peddle. if i push the gas pedal with my foot to the left it quits. I have lubed it I have sprayed it with graphite and it comes back. obviously I cant be under the hood looking at exactly what is making the noise. I know it the gas pedal as when I lift off it quits and push down the squeak comes back. any help would be great as Im pulling my hair out over this noise
  6. yea makes sense. just seems like a waste. would $1000 be fair for basically engine ps pb AC and trans for rebuild later on? some stainless is good enough to sell and i guess misc stuff.
  7. the interior had a whit almost ostrich look to it. white and black. it was a 4 door and i couldnt open the front doors to look at the tag and didnt look at the one under the hood tag. ill post a pic shortly. still odd that all those options are on a special
  8. so i was driving to a job site and passed a 58 buick on a trailer in a yard. stopped and took a look and it was a special. but was fully loaded AC,PS,PB chrome dash panel leather interior and door panels. all the other goodies. why would anyone dress it up with every option and not just buy a roadmaster or century? It had stainless drip rails i mean every option buick could throw at it. well talked to the owner it was his dads and he didnt know much about it. he did say $1000 and it was mine. but the rockers were completely eaten up with rust and it looked like it set long enough the trans is probably dried out. Not to mention the trailer was to small and he creased the doors getting it on there. Im still thinking i may grab it to have parts and put the AC on my now daily driver buick(are the AC systems easy to rebuild and get back on the road?). was there such a gap in price that a fully loaded special was still cheaper than a roadmaster?
  9. yea I make up some gauges for testing the pressures. can I do that buy running the car with the wheels up in the air? or do I pull the trans and power it by a drill or air motor to get the best readings. just not sure I can hook all the places up with gauges with it in. I got the book in and I am going through it now. Thanks you for all the info. Is this somthing I should try and rebuild myself? as Im looking in the book and it doesn't really call for any special tools that I can see. I have rebuilt three speeds quite a few times. but this will be my first automatic and a dynaflow at that.
  10. well I have found a shop and he told me he would blow it apart and work with me to gt me back on the road. I picked up another trans in the mean time that the owner didnt know the condition but pulled it because in his words gushed fluid. so the shop said bring me both and ill make you one good one if he can. so i will be back on the road hopefully soon and not to the tune of $3500 the vent tube at the top of the trans. i put it in gear and it started poring out. so I stopped and let it be till I talked to a trans shop
  11. good news is i started the car put it in drive and fluid started poring out of the vent. so that's new
  12. I have a dynaflow manual i just bought from ebay coming so I'm hoping between all the manuals I have i can make an educated guess or find a solution to this ordeal
  13. well tested it out and its the ground. as soon as I gave it another ground it lit up and the arrow now signals that it is on. for now on Ill just use the suggested clip idea as it worked like a charm. on to the next issue lol thanks everyone for your time as I stumble through the 58 ownership
  14. ok Im going to try and maybe change the filter or pull the pan and look for debris. I found a place to rebuild it the estimate was $3500 gah! that hit me a little hard. but he did say bring in both and he will try and make one good one. Hes willing to work with me. He does want to drive it and look it over to make sure Im not missing something like an adjustment or what ever. I love the car so im going to do what ever to get it back up. especially since I have a large box full of goodies ready to go on it to make it a daily driver. or at least something I can rely on a bit more.
  15. its a 58 dynaflow well I have filled it up and let it run and it still not going anywhere in D but low and reverse is fine. Im calling around right now but to no luck
  16. if it wasnt for bad luck i wouldnt have any at all..... im not giving up on her though. Ok came home from work and i went to take her out for a drive. started the engine and I put her in drive and nothing. it didnt move. thought that was odd and then hit the gas. still nothing. got out checked fluid was barely on dipstick so filled her up. tried again. nothing. I have low and reveres but not drive. so is it toast? also I have another transmission the guy i bought it from said it leaked like mad and thats why he pulled it. he never said anything about weather it worked or not.
  17. Thank you I see that is the issue. there is a bit of corrsion and rust due to a hole in the fender. Ill keep you udated
  18. Ok checked and I have two grounds on either side of the engine passenger side is bolted to the block on back of head and the drivers side is not on the block at all. but I stretched it out and there is no where to attach it. the throttle linkage is using the hole in the head that the oppiste side is attached. im going to buy a longer on and attach it to the intake or head. ill let ya know how it goes thanks again for the wisdom
  19. Ok I realized that my running light was out on the passenger side back. so pop the lens out and change the bulb aaaand now when I turn the signal on that side it doesnt click in the cab and the arrow light doesnt glow. but the blinker bulb on that side in the back lights up and the one in the front just barely lights up i mean barely aaaand my running light still doesnt work. so any ideas? ive tried new bulbs old ones and replacing fuses. oh and brake lights work both sides. its weird ....
  20. thank you for the advice. I have a order in for lines and new brake cylinders Ill just get everything squared away at once I also have a master cylinder coming so I only open the system once. I have now what seems to be a exhaust leak making the car sound like a old truck when I hit the gas..... ill keep plugging away with new parts till its daily driver status
  21. ok I finally found it. It would go away and then come back and go away again. I had taken the negative cable off the battery as I was changing bulbs and had my hand crammed around wires. I didnt put it back on good and it would pop off and the buzzer would sound and then it would make good contact and it would go off. guess it has to do with my charging system. I reattached the cable better and the noise has not come back. odd my car is a 58 buick special sorry
  22. well its a special and I wasnt sure if those came with one. I thought of that but I thought there would be a way to set it or adjust speed maybe or buzzer or something
  23. Ok I started my car up. and when I started driving I get a buzzer sound inside the car with me. when I put the brakes on it seems to stop. But i pulled in my drive and put it in park and it kept sounding. any ideas where this horrible noise is coming from? it sounds like a buzzer on a game show. Ive heard it before for a brief second while turning sharp. Thanks in advance
  24. well i set the rpm lower and it seemed to help alot. I still need to have the pressures checked on the trans. Yes it is a new car I bought and previous owner had no clue how to work on, or maintain a car to save his life so I am trouble shooting all over this car. I do need brake work as I have a squishy brake pedal and when setting at a light it will bleed down to the point of me having to pump it back up
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