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  1. Looking for head gasket set or just head gasket.
  2. Thank you ply33 for the advise i have contacted a friend of mine that has a machine shop that will be our next step thanks again. i was even. thinking of switching engines to the 28-29 silver dome that i have, only thing is will the driveshaft match up with the 30-31, this motor doesn't have a water pump gets pretty hot here in Texas.
  3. Hello! hope all of you all doing great, well had a problem with the motor on my 31 Plymouth. I had a valve get stuck, open up the side cover tap it and it open work for a while but same problem again. thinking of switching engines to the 28-29 silver dome, only thing is will the drive match up with the 30-31. Only thing is this motor doesn't have a water pump. did this as last resort.
  4. believe my buddy said it was a split bumper could you sent me a pic to show buddy?
  5. 1937 Buick special orginal 4 door sedan, 8 cly car,std.was running and parked 4 years ago, Wyoming car surface rust. Car is in Kerrville Tx second owner, for more pics just ask. Serious buyers only. $8,500.
  6. I have several booklets or broaches up for sale.
  7. Hello ..looking for front and rear bumper for a 1932 D K 8, for a friend of mine 4 door sedan Thanks.
  8. O.k. update on water pump on it's way to the Flying dutchman in Oregon. Update Water came out great, now starter challenges already spend close to $300. bucks nada. I was recently given a 1932 silver dome eng.and transmission will keep as backup, I install the start in the my Plymouth works great.
  9. O.k. update on water pump on it's way to the Flying dutchman in Oregon.
  10. Well hope to find a water pump, took mine to a machine shop to replace the bushings guy say to worn-out.
  11. Great looking 27 Cadillac Carl, yes sir we have been busy with the club. We had 50 some cars at Carfestsa.org We also help out the Transportation museum with some cars at same show, now getting ready to take a trailer to the New Braunfels Swap meet. Busy months help it does rain at the swap meet, God bless keep those cars going don't park them.
  12. Believe it's a 1927 Chrysler touring as I was told, did it' first show Carfest San Antonio TX i was suprise of people that took pics, long way front complete. Don't park them drive them.