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  1. Hello, I am rebuilding a model 20 engine. I need a cam gear and my babbit shop says he need specs to reinstall cam shaft properly. Specs. on the cam shaft it self would be good as well, so I can measure the lobes, they show signs of wear. I have heard some one reproduces these gears, but I can not find them. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Thanks for the info. I have a shop for the babbitt work. I need specs. and a gear. I will check the Hupp. site and the Hupp. specific forum.
  3. I am rebuilding a 1910 Hupp. Modle 20 engine and need to rework the cam and gear. I am looking for either some one who knows the specs for the babbitt and gear or perhaps a vendor. Any help would be welcomed!
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