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  1. Hi Graeme, i know he never reached his magic number goal of 200 hp although he got close. I saw the last engine Ray had anything to do with. It had large valves in it. I have most of the patterns for the inlet port modification that he was planning. I just have to locate a scrap block I can cut up to work out what he was going to do. That’s a way down the track though. For the moment it’s getting the heads out there. Regards, Graeme
  2. Hi Narve, These are the ultimate patterns for the High Volume Oil Pump. It’s designed to take the gears from a high volume Small Block Chev Oil Pump. When we start manufacturing these I’ll start another thread because it’ll get lost in the Head Thread. Regards, Graeme Louk PS My wife doesn’t think they belong on the table cloth. I love her but women don’t get it sometimes.
  3. Hi Graeme, I’ve read a number of the articles on your Chrysler Silverwings and racing at Lake Perkolilli - Another great large sports Chrysler. Plenty of WA history. There’s lots of photos of Chrysler’s racing on Gerringong Beach over here. Generally the races were won by one of the Bugatti’s if they stayed together but the Chrysler’s were always on the podium. Yes Rays car was very well sorted. Out of interest have you compared your early Vintage Racing Chrysler Head with the later manufactured one. The pattern we have is the modified/ ultimate one. I’ve got some
  4. Hey Mo, Not at the moment. Depending on what owners preferences are they could go to an engineering company to get a copy of the original exhaust manifold made or any exhaust shop should be able to knock up a functional set of extractors/ tubular headers. A quick search reveals a vast difference in these. As far as the inlet manifold goes - a 77 inlet manifold fits them all if the owner wants to go the single down draft carburettor route. If it’s Dual carburettors they want to fit then the manifold depends on choice of carburettor. Some of the quick cars have twin SU’s, o
  5. Hi Pete, Beautiful Car. Another great colour combination. My 75 is not so pretty. Let me know when your arriving to have a look and I’ll pick you up from the airport. Haha. Regards, Graeme
  6. Great cars. The 77 roadster pops in that colour combination. I look forward to seeing them both out and about.
  7. Hi Phillip, You are a lucky guy with impeccable taste in cars. A 6 wire wheel equipped 77 roadster is a very desirable jigger. I’m in Sydney to. My workshop is in Artarmon. Most of the patterns are stored in Leura. I’ve been bringing them up and down for repair and now it’ll be as we need them. We should meet up and kick tyres and you can run a critical eye over the parts that we are going to be producing. Same goes for any other vintage Chrysler guys that want to have a look. PM me for a phone number. Regards, Graeme
  8. Mate, Once you start into this old car madness it’s all downhill from there.
  9. Hi Lamroast, At this point we only have a ball park figure and won’t have a firm figure until they are completely finished. There’s a few of us that wanted them so we decided to just do it and split the costs. One guy has backed out so there’ll be one head from this batch for sale early in the new year. We will manufacture batches of them for sale once we are sorted. I’ll put them on the AACA buy and sell when we are there. No sense in over promising and then under delivering. Here’s where we are at at the moment - The castings have to be heat treated before we take
  10. Hey Ben, Did you just purchase the 75 that was on eBay Australia. If so I say well bought. If you’re going to put a correct engine in it get in touch as I may be able to supply some leads. Forza Chrysler
  11. You will also need a co-driver. Can I register my interest now and let you know that I’m available. If you need further encouragement can I also say that I serve well as ballast, I’m pretty hardy and will push until I drop, I’m not bad on the wrenches, know how to repair a puncture and I’m not overly fussy. On the downside I don’t mind a tipple but that makes me hard to start early in the mornings.
  12. Sadly no: It’d open up a big market opportunity. They will fit the big pre 1930 engines 72, 75 and a 77. They could be made to fit the first Series 70 from 1926. I’m not an expert but I think go fast heads are already available for the newer block.
  13. Greetings all, The next batch of Vintage Racing Chrysler Cylinder Heads are off to be tempered and machined. These are the heads cast using the Ray Jones (Vintage Racing Chrysler’s) patterns. We are using the same foundry and same material specifications that Ray Jones used to such good effect. These patterns are the ultimate version with the extra stiffening ribs and most effective compression ratio. Ray did a lot of flow bench work and dynometer testing. One of the things he found was that raising the compression ratio beyond a certain point caused a decline in performance fr
  14. Yes Robert. I can be reached on 0451512823 Wheels can be inspected in Leura or Artarmon just give me some notice.
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