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  1. Yes Robert. I can be reached on 0451512823 Wheels can be inspected in Leura or Artarmon just give me some notice.
  2. Hi Al, Yes the two Alvis are both beaut Monoposto Single Seat Racing cars. From memory the Eastwood car is a 1935 Speed 25 Special and the Hood car is a supercharged 12/50. I’ve seen them both race - very well driven.
  3. Yes I have failed the technology test haven’t I. Not sure how to get it to work. Race meeting was 2005 and was his shake down run for European Season in 2006.
  4. Chrysler in Competition, European Road Racing 1925 to 1931 by Ray Jones and Martin Swig (Publisher Auromobilia) contains some good photo’s and accounts of Chrysler’s Racing exploits in the day. Ray Jones who coauthored the book had a very quick 1929 Series 75 Roadster. It was timed going through the trap at 118mph on the Mulsanne Straight. Google him and the Chrysler - he travelled extensively racing all over the world with it. Here is a link to his race practise times on Australia’s Phillip Island Circuit. Good thing is there are some pretty awesome factory race cars in the field so times can be compared. When you look at the times and other competitors you should also be aware that every other car in the field is a race car, Ray Jones's Chrysler was lugging around a vintage body and was road registered. The field had some very nice equipment running - Austin 7 is the blown rubber duck factory race car. I saw Jones race his Chrysler a number of times. It was very well sorted and a pretty car. Plenty of photographs of it on the web. PS. Unfortunately my 75 doesn’t look or go as well as the cars Ray Jones built.
  5. Don’t worry about it. I don’t own a 3 litre or any WO or a 30/98. I’ve got a 1929 Chrysler Series 75 Roadster. The Chrysler goes, steers and stops AND is nice to drive. Chryslers are great performing vintage cars as witnessed by their continuing front running performances in everything from circuit racing to long distance rallying and they can be safely driven in todays traffic densities. Plus, if you ever manage to break a Chrysler parts can be bought at reasonable prices. I bought the Wheels from the guy that raced the 3 litre Bentley years ago. The idea was to build a Chrysler Speedster but the 75 Roadster covers all bases so no Speedster needed hence I’m selling the Wheels. There was a guy in Australia named Ray Jones who raced a Chrysler 75 Roadster in events all over the world. He also ran a business called “Vintage Racing Chrysler’s” and built a number of very fast big Chrysler Roadsters - he called them Bentley Beaters and they were. Ive never driven a 4 1/2, speed six or 8 litre WO or a 30/98 but I have driven a really good 3 litre - did I say the Chrysler goes, steers and stops AND is nice to drive. Even if my six lucky numbers come up I’ll stick with the Chrysler - I’d just tidy her up a bit.
  6. Speedster Wheels for sale Seasons Greetings to you all. I have five 18” Well Base, Rolled Edge Rim, 62mm Rudge Whitworth (Vintage Centre Profile) Splined Wheels in great condition for sale. They were used a few times on a 3 litre WO Bentley in the very early years of All Historic Racing in Australia. 18 inch wheels are used on 3 litre WO’s in competition so that they have better acceleration. Also the Confederation of Australian Motorsport allows a minimum of 18” rims into Group “J” pre 1930 Racing so if you’re building a car that you intend to race in Australia then these are the go. The tyres on them are only good to push a car around on while you build it. Details of the Wheels are as follows: 62mm Rudge Whitworth Splines 18” well based rolled edge rims 70 spoke (4 with butted spokes) Triple laced Before you make silly offers please price a set and don’t waste my time or yours. $3000 AUD These are located in Australia and can be inspected in Leura or Darlinghurst NSW. I can send images if you get interested. If someone overseas gets excited I’m happy for you to get someone local to inspect them for you and if you end up buying them I will strip the tyres off them and deliver to your shipping agent.
  7. Hi Chris, I'm not really connected in the vintage Chrysler world but they are an accepting group. I have made a friend in the Blue Mountains who is having a look for me. If he doesn't have a useable steering wheel I'll do the ring around. It's been a busy week so haven't been able to devote time to the pursuit. I've been trying to get fuel and carburetor issues sorted out as well. It had some pretty major oil leaks too but I think I've got them beaten. Next thing is braking.
  8. Hey Spinney, Unfortunately I don't. I don't have a parts manual for the 1929 series 75. I would like one so will keep a look out. I do have a parts manual for a 1930 series V70 but that doesn't help. It does have some good assembly drawings in it. I may post a wanted to buy and see how I go.
  9. Hey Mo, All of the Chrysler parts have been sold. He doesn't want to sell parts just as job lots. I can understand his point. Cheers
  10. Hi Spinney, I have no idea whether the wheel is original or not or what an original should be made of. This one is definitely cast alloy / muck metal of some sort with cast in undercuts and casting part lines. It doesn't appear to have any bog / filler in it. I'll take some photos that show detail when I get a wheel to replace the broken one with. The jury rig raised a few eyebrows as we were outside the cafes in Kirribilli and amused the evening passers by. The blade is jammed into the woodruff key hole but worst part of it was the screwdriver handle caught on my legs whilst turning. I think 72's, 75's and 77's had a four spoke wheel and the lighter cars three spokes - but I really can't say for sure. Regards, Graeme
  11. Greetings One and All, I recently acquired a 1929 Chrysler 75 after initially being beaten to it. Anyway my daughter and I took it for it's second run in my hands last Tuesday afternoon. It was a spirited run through the streets around Sydney harbour on a near perfect winters day. Needless to say it was very enjoyable and probably encouraged me to press on a bit. Before we headed for home we decided to stop for coffee. As we slowly pulled gently to the kerb outside the cafe the steering wheel hub broke. I think the car was looking out for us because I'd certainly been loading the steering up in the preceding drive. The failure occurred in fine cracking in the hub boss, I only had light pressure on it at the time and didn't run up the gutter (or anyone else) so no shock load. The wheel had looked OK if a little shabby and gave no indication prior to it breaking with a cracking noise. I noticed the image in the 1930 Chrysler V70 Parts Catologue that the 1930 V70 wheel appears to have a steel? Reinforcing ring. Is this the case? See the photo of the broken wheel and the very elegant temporary repair. So a question for the Aussies - does anyone have a steering wheel they'd be prepared to sell. Regards, Graeme
  12. Hi Mate, Dammann in "70 years of Chrysler" records engine numbers from P-175000 to C-1000 for the 1929 Series 65. Bore x Stroke 3 1/8 x 4 1/4 for 195.5 cu in. Dammann wrote, "The series 65 received a new engine, which was in effect a bored version of the old." I'm not much of a typist but your welcome to ring me on 0451512823. Cheers, Graeme
  13. Hi Moak, Where abouts in our great land are you. I have a P prefix engine in the Blue Mountains.
  14. Hello, Can you please tell me if the Warner Hi Flex T4-148 is still available. Many Thanks, Graeme