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  1. I can't seem to find rotors for the galaxie or ltd but drums look to be the same.
  2. So if they use 6012 with the 1970 model then 6014 and 6012 should be interchangeable. Because there is no difference in any dimension either. I have checked all the auto part stores and no one around me has them. So I'll have to special order or order online.
  3. I just looked up both rotors from 1969 and 1970 on rockauto and they're exactly the same dimensions. So I guess they could be used. No idea why they don't list these with the 1969 model.
  4. The rotor's are by far the most important thing I need since the front brakes are pretty much gone. $140 is kinda a lot per rotor. And rockauto was the first place I checked for rotors. I was wondering if there was anyway to convert to a more plentiful setup. Or if I have no choice but to pay $140 per rotor.
  5. I cant find any rotors or drums for my car at all. Are there any alternatives or am I just screwed? I could really use some help here.