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  1. ckrussell1 Glad your back on track. Hope it progresses well Chuck
  2. I will try and dig them up. I have lots of pictures but pre digital. Chuck Russell BCA 38002 Sumner, WA
  3. Try Hagen's Auto Parts in Washington state. They sleeve cylinders with stainless steel and it works. I have had their M/C on for over 17 years 50k and still going. About $125.00 US. In stock.
  4. I put Fatman drop spindles in my 53 Special in 2000 when I bought the car. I kept the stock springs up front and put a set of Moog cargo-coil rear springs. Fatman suggested I use rear springs from 1968-1972 Ford LTD to get the right ride height.. I had to fabricate clamps to hold the springs but it was a simple task. Using the drop spindles verses chopping the coils keeps the correct spring trim. I am using the stock knee-action shocks and have had no unusual ride problems. It still rides like it was stock. We have put 50,000 miles on since the modifications including three cross country trips from Seattle.