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  1. Hello again, the sway bar attaches from the rear cross member to to the rear axle.The radius rods attached to front of the torque tube and are bolted to rear brake pool plates,axle housing ends and help keep the rear axle alignment, the radius rods have no movement in themselves.A somewhat bent example in picture of radius rods and rear axle.


  2. Hello,there’s are grease fittings on the upper outer,lower outer and inner lower a frame areas also on kingpins and tie rod ends . If you replaced the front shocks, the point where they attached to the spindle is the upper outer pin , it is an eccentric bolt that rides in the nut bushing area .To adjust it you have to remove grease fitting and use a Allen wrench for front end alignment.


  3. I always like to here good stories about Dynaflows , some people seem to degrade them, have change engine and transmission to something new, then it isn’t really a historical car anymore.

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  4. Hello,that’s good news usually any post concerning a Dynaflow is wondering how much fluid they are supposed to leak. Even when new Buick dealers weren’t supposed to do anything unless leakage was over a pint in 1000 miles according the product service bulletins .

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  5. Hello I have 49 Super and it sounds like the same setup, the two bolts under the cross member are the worst,found that it is easier to drop the steering drag link , and as mentioned crank will need rotated to clear pan. Good idea to drop and clean it had a 41 Packard the the pan probably was never dropped since new , the screen on oil pump was collapsed and sucking unfiltered oil into the engine.

  6. I have a 49 Super convertible and worked from the center out , making sure the rubber was under pressure but not collapsed. Certainly a lot of bolts in them,but car is nice and tight on the road very little “cowl shake “even on rough roads.You may also have to shim some of the mounts for door gaps and leveling the body. Good luck.

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  7. Hello again, I marked the timing mark on mine with white paint also, it is hard to find the mark is actually more of a slot about 1/16 th wide .As you mentioned get it to top dead center and you may be able to see it . They were originally marked from the factory but that was 1949 , amazed you still had the cover on your car, most were discarded long ago,to the point most owners don’t know they existed.

  8. Hello,there may be a metal cover over the flywheel window,most are missing.On the flywheel itself there is a marking that is supposed to be painted,get number 1 cylinder at top dead center and you should see the marking,believe it is 4 degrees from tdc it is like a grid mark on flywheel.If that doesn’t work pull off the lower flywheel cover and turn engine over until you can find .There are two marks on flywheel also used for setting valves timing mark and bottom dead center.

  9. Hello again, I had a 39 Roadmaster the signals were only on the deck lid BUICK EIGHT emblem and control was mounted on the gear shift lever .Getting back to the add on signal would probably be the best option as it could be removed if wish to go back to the original.

  10. Hello, never heard of anyone changing it over either, it’s part of the Buick that makes it a 49 Buick. You could put an add on type of turn signal but as previous post says you get used to it.It makes sense that they were on right side with column standard shift , left hand is always on the wheel, Buick are like that from 1939 .

  11. Hello on my 49 if full to 3/4 full it would read ok after that it would bounce up to half full then down to empty,I did add a ground wire but didn’t help,also on sender the first repo didn’t work correctly,didn’t have high enough resistance, ohm rate was low. this was as car was driving, stopped it would still bounce.

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  12. Hello, I have a 49 Super with Dynaflow with the same gearing,The Dynaflow is some want slow on acceration so it has the lowest gearing they made, rpms are high at highway speeds .At the time they were built 50 mph was top speed limit except on the Pennsylvania  turnpike where it was 70 mph. Some people have equipped an overdrive in the older cars to cruise at higher speeds, or as you mention replace the differential,If you can replace it with the whole carrier, it will be a bolt in operation that way , A shop manual will help the 1948 49 manual covers rear axle repair quite well . I had to replace the differential in mine with a used one as it was bad . 


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