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  1. Hey, I got the springs from Jamco. They are the 2” drop but on my car they seem to sit more like a 3”. I contacted them and the communication has been good, but I haven’t decided if I am going to ask for replacements or not. It looks cool, but it’s pretty damn low.
  2. Car took a long time, first year of show and working out the bugs, there was some artistic licence taken by the producer here and there, but that is my brother every day. Had the carbs restored by the carb doctor after the show and the turned out great.
  3. The seats,package tray, carpet and headliner were from OPGI, door panels from Clarke’s Corvair, installed locally. I actually did the work on the wheel covers and all the veneer work, but it didn’t make the show. Mike tried to bolt on some other wheels, but it didn’t work, lol. I ordered 2” drop springs, but they sit like 3”, might bring it back up a little
  4. If anyone is interested,my brothers show Rust Valley Restorers is now available on Netflix. My 64 matching numbers factory dual carb Riviera is featured in episode 2 “Family Business”. Season 2 is filming now.
  5. As far as I know you either have to have History Channel, or subscribe to their content on-line.
  6. Hi All, if anyone is interested, especially in Canada, my 64 numbers matching factory dual 4bbl car was featured on my brothers reality TV show Rust Valley Restorers on History Channel Canada, episode 2 "Family Business".
  7. Here's are pics of the ones on my car that was done over the summer and as part of my 64 restoration on my brothers reality TV show Rust Valley Restorers on History Channel Canada. First we had them bead blasted, then had the cracks welded, followed by polishing, taping , primer and paint. I think they are the coolest of the original wheel options.
  8. Here’s mine. BQ code would appear to be a correct and original for my 64 factory dual carb console shift.302 = Oct 29,1963.
  9. telriv, I assure you I will not just screw this to the sheet metal.
  10. Thanks for the replies, this is the reproduction I bought. I guess I will have to decide If I want to keep it as stock as possible, or place it where It actually works for me, and let the next owner worry about the location. I think not having the mirrors makes this car even more unique, but after 30 years of rugby my neck doesn't move like it used to so I will probably be putting this one on, and reinforcing it as required. Thanks for the measurement Randall.
  11. Hey Tom, I hate to disagree, but from what I've found, and what some of the other senior member have said while replying to my earlier post, mirrors were an option from the factory, or dealer installed. There is nothing spot welded to the inside of my door skins. There are what appears to be 2 filled holes that seem to be in the approximate area of the 63 mirror locations, you can just make them out in the pic above as well.. As my car was a special order from the factory in 64, I am working under the premise that they had some of the previous years pre-drilled door panels handy, and welded the holes closed . Could this have happened afterwards? Possibly. I just want to correctly place my after market mirror in the right spot for a 64. Cheers,
  12. Hi All, I had an earlier thread on the lack of exterior mirrors on my car. The car is currently at the bodywork stage, and we have pulled the door skins off and there is no evidence that either door ever had a mirror attached, and the doors skins are definitely original. I purchased a replacement mirror for the drivers side, can someone please give me the exact stock location for a 64 drivers side mirror? I can guess from pics, but if were are gonna drill holes, I would like to get it right. Manual mirror of course. Thanks, Kevin
  13. Hey Hazdaz, Bulbs arrived today and I ran out to the shop to put them in. Here are a couple of pics like you asked. This is probably the only option that I will get to add that cost less than the original price, lol.