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  1. I am wonder if anyone has or can get pictures of a 37 special fuel pump area. I looking to see how the lines were originaly connect and routed -my original had been removed and an electroic pump had been installed
  2. Does anyone know where I can go to get information on my 37 special based off the placard? It was built in the oshawa walkerville regina GM plant 1937 model 7-4-19 Engine 3290167 Body serial 2165 Trim 211 Paint 751
  3. The knob on the left side of the dash - What is that for? Mine is there - it hooked up to a piece of "braided cable" that seems to be seized and was unhooked who knows how long ago.
  4. So I just put the 37 special on the road! did a few KM on it. I think I may have a Generator issue, but my questions is more related to the battery. I bought a 6v Optima battery and have it installed - the car turns over very slow and will sometimes start with it other times not.(when full charged) But if I put a 6V 40amp boost it fires up almost all the time Should I look at a second battery for the car? Series or Paraelle? Or has there been issues with the Optimas not having enough power?
  5. I will check those it was supose to have been rebuilt - so hopefully they changed the floats and everything inside...... Carter says the pump is 4-8psi I picked up a holley pressure regulator that is 1-4 psi - and have it dialed down a bit but havnt taked an exact pressure reading as of yet I guess Ill start there then check the other items Thanks
  6. I picked up a 37 special a few months ago - While it took some work it is now running and hopefully this weekend driving!! I had the Carb rebuild, (stromberg aav26- Which I dont think is the original Carb for it... but thats whats there for now!) It was leaking out of the Jet Plugs - Finally was able to solve that Then it was leaking at the one joint - got that fixed Now it leaks out a whole in the very top of the carb - my quest is a vent hole so my 2 part question-- the previous owner had put an electric pump on the car - vaccum one had died....(carter 6v inline pump) I got this one working, and put a fuel pressure regulator in. What stops the fuel flow once the carb is full-- I think that carb is leaking out the top because the fuel just keeps flowing and thats the only place left to go? and or how do I stop the leak at the top? Thanks for any advise!
  7. From what I can make it out its a Stromberg AAUVB 26 SInce finding that I have seen a few on ebay with a Rod - not a flexible cable - But I havnt been able to find a good pic. to see where it goes and the other linkages
  8. I am having a lot of trouble finding info on my Carb. Î am missing a rod that connects to the choke. I cant seem to find any model number on the Carb - It is a Stromberg Carb. My question is if anyone has a 37 SPecial 40 with a stromberg Could you take a picture of the `lever`end and send it to me? I want to make sure that all the levers/joints are hooked up in the best possible - I can seem to find any pic on the web that looks exactly like what I have Thanks
  9. Thanks everyone for the input - I got the car running - and seems to run well - may need to adjust the timinng slightly - Shes not a quite girl! Still having issues with consistant starting - sometimes it will fire right up, other times it just cranks, other times it sould like the starter(or something) is binding and it struggles to start - usually after trying it a few times or after running it for a while.--- It has been converted to a push button start Anything thoughts on that?
  10. Thanks Everyone. I ran some tests, had very weak spark out of the coil - so Just waiting on the coil to show up. I figured I also change the points and condenser - Does anyone know what the point gap should be? SInce we are on the subject - I did change the plug and gapped them to the same gap as the old plugs - does anyone know the exact spec?
  11. Thanks Guys As mentioned it does have new plugs, wires, cap, rotor..... I have not yet changed the points or checked the gap, or new info to me tried to clean them. Thanks Does anyone know what the approx amp draw the starter should have? Prior to rebuilding mine was pulling 300 amps, which to me was way to high, and very slow crank. since rebuild turns over much faster but Im not sure if it is the right speed yet
  12. About 3 months ago I picked up a 37 special---- My First Vintage car!. It had been driven into the barn (nice and dry) about 15 years ago. When I got it I was told I should only need, Fuel, Carb rebuild, and a battery..... we all know how that goes. I decided to do a little extra work before trying to start it - Took the oil pan off cleaned that, Put Trans fluid down the Cylds for a couple days to make sure it was clear, spun the motor by hand, took the valve cover off cleaned in there, had the carb(stromberg) and fuel tank rebuild. Got a new 6v external fuel pump (other one was dead and had already been converted to electric pump), added a fuel pressure regulator, New Cap, Rotors, Plugs and Wires. I tried to fire it up this week - Cranks over very slow - did some digging- Starter was drawing way to much - Had it rebuilt Put the starter back intoday, Cranks way faster (not as fast as a modern car...) but doesnt seem to even try to catch. Can you think of anything ive missed? Anything else I can try To be upfront, I have not checked for spark today since the rebuilt starter was installed, Thoughts if I have good spark? Thoughts if I have no Spark? THANKS
  13. Hey, just wondering if anyone can help me with the starting procedure on a 1937 special I bought it in Februsry, had been sitting for about 15 years - and previous owner cant remeber I have done some web searches, but most of them show a throttle pedal start - which this one does not apear to have. It does have a push button on the dash that cranks over the motor. I have the key, the ignition turns, but there is a lever beside it - does that need to be in a certain position? Thanks
  14. I will try to get pics later today up - I put the Optima in on its side It is hung in place with metal straps and rests on the frame lip on the passanger side of the car
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