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  1. Thanks for your input Rivnut.....I was hoping you would ring in!
  2. Hi Rivi enthusiasts......I am considering purchasing a 2nd gen. Rivi. I wish to add air ride, lower the stance, and find 18" Buick style Rallye wheels and a tuned exhaust. I want it to have a throaty rumble outside but quiet inside. My question is this. If money were no object would you rebuild the original engine and add fuel injection and electronic ignition? Or would you drop a modern crate engine in it? Though I am not a hot rodder I've heard plenty of car talk and I've never heard anyone praising the Buick engine like they do Chevy engines. Why is that? And what does the term "nailhead" refer to? I assume it describes the cylinder head. Thank you all in advance for your opinions! G.C.
  3. Love your 67'.....beautiful paint.....I think I like the 67's better than the 68's and 69's!
  4. Enjoying your Riviera build! I'm impressed that you achieved that paint job spraying it in your garage! Keep up the good work! G.C.
  5. Hi Everyone..........I just joined this forum. Although I don't own a Riviera my dad owned a 69" when I was in high school so it is my dream to own and restore one one day. Lots of good music choices out there. I nominate Lynyrd Skynrd's Mr. Breeze!
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