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  1. It'll porbably run you around $1,000 give or take (assuming it's a standard size). There are a crap load of companies out there that will give you a cost estimate for free, but many of them are brokers so you should be aware of that going in. It's not necessarily a bad thing, but it's why you may enter your info & get multiple calls. Personally, I've used A-1 Auto Transport Inc twice and I've had no issues with them. Of course, every shipper out there seems to have someone that's got a horror story about how bad they were, but that's my input.
  2. Those things were all over the place 10 years ago, I'm sure there's still plenty of places that sell them.
  3. So did everyone have the same appearance back then? Christ, he looks like Chaplin. Perhaps one ripped off the other or something.
  4. Pretty nice. I may hit you up around the holidays for a couple of these.
  5. It's not a bad idea to cover your bases, but a lot of them provide GPS updates providing you can trust them.
  6. Dear God, your grandfather's car is upside-down! J/k don't recognize that one though
  7. Holy project of projects! Impressive undertaking.
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