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  1. Wow, talk about bad luck, bought this Red 90 TC 55,000 miles on Tuesday last week in Florida, started out for home before 12 PM, stopped for sleep at 700 miles Continued driving next day for Dallas Texas, started raining real bad in Louisiana. Stopped on side of road, woke up to find car riding waves of water. Submarined into very deep ditch after about 20 minutes, broke out, swam to surface, 8Ft! found tree, climbed into tree. Hour and half later, someone came along. To make the story short, picked up by bass boat, taken into home for two days. 911 was not available.
  2. Yeah, and at 78 I'll be dead by then... Now is someone has one for sale at around 8 - 10K might be interested
  3. eceived a call this morning, offer I made on another one similar to yours has been accepted. I am no longer interested in your car. Good luck with your sale Foodog
  4. Have you sold this car? Is it still on the market???
  5. Sent a PM yesterday. Interested in buyiing this item, have cash, cannot buy without response!!
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