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  1. Back in the day only the Hoodlums had the Wide-Whites in my Neighborhood
  2. Ghg

    .Hubcap wanted

    I think someone already identified it as that. So now all I need is the correct size of cap.
  3. Ghg

    .Hubcap wanted

    Looking for hubcap that measures 7 3/4 diameter. Don't know what this wheel is from just looking for a cap that will fit it.
  4. Can someone identify this wheel? It has 6 lug holes
  5. I wood leaf it all original!
  6. Why didn't people live longer than they did before any of these harmful chemicals were invented? People were lucky to live past there 40's Now it's common for a person to live till a 100 years old and beyond and was exposed to many chemicals.
  7. Does the motor turn over?
  8. Now they just take the hole car and throw you out!
  9. One of my pet peeves is the guy who is riding your A$$ as you approach a stop light. Do these people not look beyond the hood of there cars when they are driving? You can see a red light for quite a distance before you are at the light but for some reason people seem to want to be the first one to the light. They will pass you and give you a dirty look as to why you are slowing down. I will often roll my window down and congratulate them to winning the race to the red light!
  10. When I look at the front of a '42 Olds I see resemblance of an airplane. Is this the look Harley Earl Was trying to achieve? Perhaps the beginning of incorporating the "Rocket" theme into the Oldsmobile brand!
  11. When I look at the grill of the 42 I see resemblance of a front view of an airplane. Is this the look Harley Earl was trying to achieve? Early signs of the rocket age perhaps!
  12. Ghg

    Grampa's car

    Yes, I know the area well. I used to go to the Patio theater when I was a kid.
  13. Ghg

    Grampa's car

    Yes, the picture was taken around Harlem and Addison.