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  1. Comment from Johnthistle: Beautiful! Exciting times! We have all certainly vicariously enjoyed following this project with your great photo series! John
  2. This is the closest photo I have on hand of my 1931 DH. Car out on the farm just now. Horn in back position as can be seen. John
  3. This is the closest photo I have on hand of my 1931 DH. Car out on the farm just now. Horn in back position as can be seen. John
  4. Re: the frozen gas gauge, my '31 DH arm and gears were frozen also, but amazingly they loosened up with soaking in rust remover (NoRust, I think) and now it works perfectly installed! Installing the wiring harness does look like it has to start forward of the firewall since the "knot" is too large to pass through. I forgot @ the firewall pad inside; going to cut a slice in it to fit over wiring!
  5. My '31 DH had the protective wire "spring" around the steel brake lines in vulnerable places. JLT
  6. Re oil breather tube. My master parts book shows tube extending below oil pan for DP-DQ but only half way down the oil pan for DD, DE, DH, DI ,DL. and the 8 cal engines. Taylormade, I too have thoroughly enjoyed and admired your step by step beautiful work. You are way aheD of me with my DH sedan! JT
  7. Yep, mine is black with grey engine. Johnthistle (1931 DH)
  8. Your beautiful photodocumentation has been super helpful for restoration of my 1931 Dodge DH! I'm hoping to get some further pointers when you get to replacing the roof. I still have the upholstery to do also. LeBarronBonny(sp?) says they can supply a kit for 3K. Not sure how challenging this might be. Geo McMurtry's hub puller worked great and I now have the brakes rebuilt!
  9. Thanks, Spinneyhill! I can see how that inner punch works. Looks like a good idea. Geo McMurtry's puller has good press too. Interesting guy to talk to! He has a puller in the mail to me. John
  10. Thanks so much. I will order one up from Geo McMurtry immediately. He's made one before for a 1930-31 DC and my parts book says the woodspoke hubs have the same part # for DC & DH. Great service for him to make these available!
  11. Thanks guys. I found a.a.c.a. Buick site where others were having the same problem a few years ago. A Geo McMurtry 308-586-1930 was said to be able to make a wood spoke puller if one sends him a hubcap for thread size. I called and left a message. Also mentioned was a guy who comes to Hershey and offers to make these. John
  12. WOW, I just stumbled on this incredible photo documentary! I have been restoring my 1931 DH for the past 40+ years(!) by fits and starts. What a great and enjoyable interaction you guys have had! To keep this brief, mine started out about like Daphney and has made it about as far during those many years. (Tho not so thorough and elegant!) No upholstery or roof yet. One challenge I could really use help with right now: I have not been able to pull the rear wood spoke wheels off the axel. Found a huge puller on eBay ($200) to fit the rim but no luck in spite of frightening pull (oak blocks in between), torch, dry ice several variants of Liq-wrench. I'm hoping a screw-on hub puller might work if I can find one to buy, borrow or rent. The hub is @ 3 1/3" (hubcap threads), looks like 18-20 threads/inch. Help?! Thanks!
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