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  1. I just checked the wood under my ‘31 DH. After 83K miles the wood looks fine. The muffler is a good 6” below. Must have been an exhaust leak directed at the wood? A stainless exhaust system would be a good idea. I doubt you have further trouble. However, for peace of mind a sheet of aluminum sounds the simplest.   John 

  2. My '31 DH socket replacement fit perfectly and was made by Cole Hersee Co, #2106.  It replaced the steel socket & spring and circumvented the soldered "tack" problem. I thought it was very slick. Invisible from the outside. I don't see it in their web site but they or someone can probably come up with a #2106. 

    I know a guy who has a box full of headlight sockets from the 20s & 30s but ? Might not solve wire contact challenge.   John

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  3. My son has soldered radiators in place using just a propane torch, keeping from heating too much & affecting solder elsewhere in the radiator. He says: drain the radiator, of course, clean the leak with steel wool, use flux and solder it. He has used the sliver seal which works ok but the solder is a more reliable perminant fix. I think you said the leak was reachable in place.

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  4. It is pretty cool to see all the lights working! I got some replacement  headlight sockets from a headlight 

    guy. The original ones were pretty shot and these worked great. I could probably find that source if you need them. 

    I got the roof insert done this summer with a couple of good photos from other guys. I could look them up too if needed.  John


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