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  1. Better safe than sorry. Glad your heart is good to go. Good luck! JLT
  2. Good luck. There are lots of options for heart problems and continuing restoration of Daphne shouldn't be too stressful. You'll get her done!
  3. Good for you! Yeah, life does get in the way sometimes, especially when one is not new anymore! Hope the knee settles down. I was going to have LeBarron Bonnie do an upholstery kit for my '31 DH but they just went bankrupt, so I read! Bummer!
  4. My '31 DH socket replacement fit perfectly and was made by Cole Hersee Co, #2106. It replaced the steel socket & spring and circumvented the soldered "tack" problem. I thought it was very slick. Invisible from the outside. I don't see it in their web site but they or someone can probably come up with a #2106. I know a guy who has a box full of headlight sockets from the 20s & 30s but ? Might not solve wire contact challenge. John
  5. My '31 DH had identical sockets in similar shape. I found perfect replacement sockets a couple years ago from some headlight man. I may be able to find the source but I have to go out to the shop(1/2 hour drive) and have a look.
  6. She lives and breaths! Wonderful! Culmination of LOTS of work!
  7. My son, a Mopar expert, says get some "Mopar Speedometer Cable Lubricant". He has gotten it from his Chrysler dealer; E-Bay would probably work too. Excited to hear @ the startup!
  8. My son has soldered radiators in place using just a propane torch, keeping from heating too much & affecting solder elsewhere in the radiator. He says: drain the radiator, of course, clean the leak with steel wool, use flux and solder it. He has used the sliver seal which works ok but the solder is a more reliable perminant fix. I think you said the leak was reachable in place.
  9. Oh man, if it isn't one thing it's another! A quick fix might be the old "stop leak" stuff. As I recall it's a bit like paper mache. It might affect cooling capacity(?) but probably not much. No doubt there would be arguments against it but it was used and this is a tiny leak. Good luck!
  10. Agree. Could be an interesting, helpful discussion but clearly in another forum!?
  11. Good to hear! And those 1-2 drinks/day help get that HDL up, along with the exercise! Keep up the good work!?
  12. My Dad died @ 48 -heart attack; I'm 78: Do not smoke, get your LDL(bad) cholesterol below 70 and BP less than 140/90. Take a statin and an aspirin daily. This is all easily done and safe, your Dodge deserves it! Jusr see your MD. (I'm one). JLT
  13. Hey, look at all the athletes who have come back and again been superstars after ACL, etc surgery. Lots more fun ahead with just a little more luck! I've still got to get to the unholstery in my '31 DH and I'll be 79 in June! Cheers! John
  14. On my '31 DH the continuous windshield hinge is just suspended from the hinge bracket screwed to the heavy side-to-side metal strip without any end posts or brackets. The threads for the screws are tapped directly into the metal strip that runs clear across the front; there are no nuts.
  15. Just the local Ace Hardware. 1/2" OD X 3/8 ID POLY.