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  1. Hans this one sold but I have another. I will message you details and pictures tomorrow.
  2. Real nice original Pontiac visor. Chrome on leading and trailing edges. Will fit other GM but Chevrolet only had chrome on leading edge. Not sure about olds. A couple minor dents in chrome and a minor surface rust spot (no pitting) on front right. $400 (visor in background not for sale. Goes on my Chevy truck project. )
  3. Bumper guards 2 left and 2 right all decent but some degree of scuffs dings. driver side of 3 piece bumper is nice. Passengers side is straight but has rust through spot. Middle ids not worth fooling with...took a hit. $20 each plus the trip on guards. $40 plus trip on driver side (nice) end. Will throw in rest of bumper for shipping cost but probably not worth the trip.
  4. Do you drive it much? Did it sit up awhile? Could be a whole list of things from sticking float to dirty filter etc. Just going to have to trace fuel system and maybe go through carb for thorough cleaning. No easy guess here...
  5. I had to push start my old truck the other day. I used 2nd
  6. I have a 1940 Buick bumper, bumper guards, bumper brackets available. The grill guard in pic has sold to another member and is NOT included. Will separate to get parts back on a car if you don't need it all. Very straight, no dings, rough chrome. All...$200 + trip Bumper only $150 + trip Bumper guards only (2 outer in pic.) $60 + trip Brackets only $50 + trip For me, although I need to come out OK financially, getting the parts back in circulation to someone that actually needs them trumps price, so if you need something but are honestly in a bind, major budget woes, let me know and I'll try to help. (And, hey, if I'm selling to cheap, let me know that also haha!) Message me here or for quicker response feel free to text (479) 790-643six
  7. Haha, I was thinking he needed a couple more
  8. Thanks Flyer...I actually also found a pic of a 1940 with the grill guard on it.
  9. Hi. Was out picking parts from an old semi-closed junkyard in the backroads of the Ozarks when I saw one end of this sticking out of an old lumber pile. I love old cars and tend to rescue parts occasionally that have nothing to do with my projects rather than let them go to ruin. I think I have narrowed it down to 1940 Buick bumper with grill guard based on slight V shape at center of bumper (seems to be exclusive to Buick) but could be within a year either way? Thought I would throw out final confirmation to you Buick gurus..
  10. Oddly enough, the part # 2160 with different suffixes and prefixes is still used for many late model tie rod ends, like Moog and raybestos.
  11. Found this in a barn a couple months back. Drug it home and had it running the next day. By day 3 I had replacement tires on it and was out dirt roading the Ozarks, with a whole lot of brake pumping...lol.