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  1. i've ordered a new cylinder as the one i have does not work. They are including a 'clip' like what is used for window cylinders but i'm not sure how or if it will attach to the floor. I can always fabricate something if i had an idea or picture of what it should look like. Thanks for your help. Anyone out there with a picture of what the 'foot' looks like would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I'm looking for information about the bracket that attaches to the up down cylinder at the floor board. It appears I'm missing the component that the base of the hydraulic cylinder attaches to. I'm also looking for a source for a replacement defroster 2 position switch.
  3. So sorry it is rob@RMcCanon.com. My thumbs are too big for my phone!!!
  4. Ok, I'm post 61. The color is supposed to be. Malibu blue...but it's not. It's close! body 329. I'll pull the door and look for your note but you gotta call or email me!!! might be yours! rob mccanon 972-740-7990 rob@tmccanon.com phone and e-mail work 24-7...
  5. Well, I finally got a picture to upload. '54 Buick Skylark that's been in the family for almost 40 years. Time for a re-restoration.
  6. Wow, too bad it's not for a 54 Skylark! I'm in the market to replace mine for my Malibu Blue exterior. But of course it's a 2 door. Do you know what the original carpet color was for the 54 skylark, paint code 11? Two colors are listed on Auto Custom Carpets. Aqua and Medium blue. Frankly neither one is similar to the 'original' carpet color in the car. Also looking for a source for the original stamped leather.
  7. Ok, here is a pre-Rob restoration picture. Taken about 3 years ago. Lots of work to do for the re-restoration. Mostly original but needs alot of polish and mechanical stuff. Taken at Dad's 90th birthday celebration in Winfield Kansas. Car now lives in North Texas.
  8. I think i got the private message. I replied to it...I think. Frankly, i can't emagine how my dad managed 30 years ago finding parts and info. Times have sure changed with the internet. Thanks John. Look forward to meeting you AND taking a good look at your 39. That's a pretty cool ride.
  9. Wow, i may be double posting to the same threads. I'm in the process of restoring my Dad's 54 skylark and am working on the Transmission and differential. Well, my mechanics are. I break things when i turn a wrench or screw driver. I'm looking for parts and guidance mostly on the differential. Ring and pinion gear probably need to be replaced. J. let me know if i'm now posting in the right spot. It might need to go to the 'technical' area. Thanks
  10. Thanks J., Yes, i'm in Highland Village and have reached out to the local chapter of BCA. I think they have a meeting in Arlington this Saturday but my schedule is going to keep me from attending. That's probably different than the AACA club and chapter. Still finding my way around the clubs, chapters and orgs... Where and when does the AACA chapter meet? Is it different than the BCA club? Sorry for my ignorance. Just all new to me.
  11. Mark and Carl, thanks. I'm not sure where i am... that being which forum. I joined BCA a couple of weeks ago. Member 48559. I also joined the 53-54 skylark club. Are they a subchapter of BCA? I just noticed my phone number above is wrong. Jeez... my fingers must stutter... 972-740-7990. Sorry. I've got to figure out how to get to the 'buick forum'. I just realized this is the AACA forum. I'm such a moron. Sorry guys. I'll go to the BCA site. Again, thanks so much.
  12. Can anyone point me in the direction of locating parts like ring and pinion gears, seals, shims etc. needed to repair the differential on a 54 buick skylark? Are there special tools needed? I'm having the 2 speed dynaflo transmission repaired, overhauled as well but two different shops will do the work. i'm new to these forums but i'm learning... I'm certainly open to direct emails and phone calls. Email is Rob@RMcCanon.com Phone is 9772-740-7990. Thanks.
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