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  1. I traded my work car (kia) for a 2011 Ford for my wife to drive,I will drive the Reatta to & from work I still love to drive it> Thinking I might put it in Charlotte auto fair Cars for sale to see what might come up?
  2. Thanks for your comments,I should point out I paid $5,500 for the car it had 63,00 miles drove it 150 miles home.Then I started replacing the mechanical parts that I felt should be replaced to make it more reliable. i should have waited until they failed.
  3. I have had my 89 for sale or trade over a year now. I was in need of a sedan,as I have been unable to find a buyer I traded my work car for a sedan for my wife & am now driving the Reatta full time. I am not unhappy about this it just means I will have to work a few more years to pay for the car I bought my wife.I was truly disappointed that I had put so munch money in my coupe trying to make it perfect $14,000. The only offers I had were trades both with 200000 miles or a motorcycle. At 80 I don't want to start riding one of them.I have loved the car from day one,but it failed a couple ( alternator,& brake hose) times on my wife & she lost all faith in it. Just for your information I was going to put it in an auction,but was told unless I wanted to sell it for $4,000. don't list it with us.I was offering the car for $6,000. or BO or trade.When I bought the car I felt it would be in my garage until I die,so fixing it up seemed the right thing to do,Not a good investment but I still love driving it & will continue to fix or repair as time goes bye. Just turned 87,000 mile. Happy Motoring from Charlotte NC George Lewis