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  1. Roger A gain you are the best, love you talent. I would like to mention on what has been a problem to me when wiring. I started to use ribbon wire that made a world of difference. 60 conductors 28 awg in multi colors. Here is the site on EBay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/60-Conductor-28awg-Color-Rainbow-Ribbon-Wire-Cable-Belden/233079526104?hash=item36449f52d8:m:mKvqcbrq6RkQQeijPJL520Q Best wishes, you are the best! Nelson
  2. Roger is the most talented man I have ever seen and nothing would surprise me. There is nothing less than magic in his head and fingers. The BEST. Nelson
  3. Roger I am so glad to hear the saga continues. There are only so many good things to invest time on and I have enjoyed all the time spent reading and feeling your satisfaction in your accomplishment. Over 9 years on a build and never getting discouraged is the mark of excellence. Thank you for a wonderful build and thank you for sharing your journey. You are one of a kind. Nelson
  4. Roger All I can say is you are the best. Wonderful build and I am sad to see it so close to finished. Enjoy it, you deserve it and enjoy it. Thanks for the journey and build. You are a PROFESSIONAL. Best health this year and my your desires be yours. Nelson
  5. Roger If it were possible for me to slip into the driver seat I do believe in the possibility of everything working at 1:12th scale. But that is where your craftsmanship has allow our minds go. The journey was worth every visit and we all got to enjoy something wonderful as it progressed. It is kind of sad but very exhilarating to see what a person can do. Again you are the MASTER. Thank you Nelson
  6. Jeff You could not have said it better. One amazing craftsman at the finest. The only problem the Mark is almost finished. Nelson
  7. Roger I am in total agreement. I enjoy all you have done so far and it would be like ice cream on the cake. Thank you Nelson
  8. Roger I am so glad to hear you are doing better. Life has it bumps and it seems they always set us back but where there is a will, there is a way. I will continue to pray for your health and well being. Very, very nice build, I am so glad I came along for the journey. It has never disappointed me when I checked in on your progress. Nelson
  9. Roger I had to grab some of your words from your last response. Quote: "As somebody once wrote, nobody will know each detail except the one who build it." Not exactly true look at the installation of the air deflector. That part was made some time ago and reassembling it is easy to put things on in wrong order or position. Please do not take my reply wrong, we are all human. Your Continental has had my adoration for years. A superb job done well. I'll be sad to see it sitting in a showcase but for you a journey almost complete. Thank you for sharing all your procedures
  10. Roger You are the best and I can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel. Your build has just about come to a close and it has all been exciting seeing you overcome one obstacle after another. Nothing stopped you even time and we were ably to enjoy it all. I am kind of regretting the completion but for you one more masterpiece down. Most beautiful works. Nelson
  11. Roger With all the bumps in the road you come through the winner. That is half of what makes me come back. Steering or wiring nothing can be half way it has to be right, you one amazing craftsman. Thanks for the ride along. Nelson
  12. The Ford and Lincoln was much differ from GM's. The jack on the Lincoln had a lip that hooked on the bottom edge of the bumper and the GM's evolved to a slot in the bumper before you had to get under the car to find the frame pad for the smaller jacks. Everything changes and like you say today we just make a call and someone in a truck comes and fixes it or takes it in to be fixed. I wonder if we have gone forward in technology and become dumber in common sense and experiences. Hope I did not set off a firestorm. Cheers Nelson
  13. Roger I could not be so lucky. It is something I would love to do but the best thing I can do is sit here and look at my screen. You are truly a master. I have enjoyed it from the first finding your build. Nelson
  14. Roger has blown me away from the first time I seen his build around 2012. I went back to the beginning to catch up on his build and for the past 6 years I stop in to see the progress. And still all these years later there is nothing Roger does that just amaze from the beginning with the rims and tire build to today with all the little parts that looks so life size. The detail that goes into every part is what keeps me coming back. A true craftsman at the highest level. My hat is off to you Roger. Nelson
  15. Roger It has been too long since I visited and you have made some great accomplishments. You are one of the masters, if I did not see it growing before my eyes over the 8 plus years I would not believe. That car is almost ready to take for a ride. Now all we need to do is figure how to shrink ourselves down to scale. That is impossible but it sure is looking good. Very, very very nice, you just finish that one of a kind because people like me will drool over it and how wonderfully it was made in miniature. My hat is off to you. March 2010 just seems like yesterday but my body knows differ
  16. Go back to page 1 a from March 2010 and start reading. Rodger has a talent of a real craftsman and spot on. Nelson
  17. Roger I know you are building in such a small scale but what about a worm wheel and gear. That would take the over torque out of the motor and it would slow down the action of the window movement. With this method the motor could be mounted anywhere space is available. The drive would be a cable turning the gears. The image added is for a Mercedes Replacement Window Motors (OES Genuine Window Regulator - W0133-1718533 - Front, Driver Side, Power). As always Roger I love what you have accomplished and the length of time you have been working on this beaut. You are more than a craftsman. I
  18. Roger To echo all the WOW! I stand amazed everytime I stop by and forgive me, not often enough. You are finishing your six year on that beaut. Congratulation on a wonderful build. And thanks for sharing your journey, it has been a wonderful trip. Nelson
  19. Roger I do not stop by very often and shame on me because I am blown away when I do. You are a craftsman with no limitations and my hat is off to you. It has been a long time and you are still going strong. That is one beautiful car to be proud of all you have mastered. Thank you for sharing. Nelson Collar
  20. Roger Looking at you going through your build with a little help there is nothing you can not do. Looks spectacular, love the vent window. Thank you for allowing us to enjoy your talent. It has been 6 years and you are still going strong. Love your design ability and the construction of what you see in your mind. Health and long life Nelson
  21. Roger It's hard not to just echo what all have said many times. You are a CRAFTSMAN in the finest. I've seen passion in a project but I see the love of beauty you put into your models. Everytime I come to your site there is more beauty to behold. Thanks for your talent and most of all is thanks for sharing the journey. It is just a few weeks until the 6th anniversary of the Continental Mark II. Roger may you have many years to make us just imagine to do the amazing things you do. God Bless my friend. Nelson Collar
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