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  1. Any pics of that caddy? I bet she was a beauty
  2. Thanks Rusty, I own a small sheet metal shop so the tin work isn't a problem and have plenty connections but still know it will have ups and downs doing this car not mentioning the years it will take but she will breath again
  3. Awesome story, yeah the tail lights are sexy lol
  4. Thanks for the reply, I got in touch with the owner Monday and will be buying it
  5. I'm new here but can see a difference in people's opinions and not every design is what everyone wants these are customized rides and I can remember seeing cars like this and others at World of Wheels shows back when. One other builder thought out the box and his cars are iconic and so was the man George Barris but I guess his work was stupid too
  6. Thanks again guys on all the advice and knowledge, I came on here because my brother in law been offshore for his 30 day hitch and came in Saturday so yesterday at the every Sunday family lunch we talked about the car. When I told him what car I was looking at he looked at me in surprise and said I stopped and asked at least 10 times in the last 4 years and asked if he would sell it and the man always said not for sale. Now keep in mind he is a car freak and has owned and put together many old cars and old bikes (he is putting a 78 Trans Am together now). He said he knew the guys parents and it was their car from new they both past away a few years ago and the son drove the car till the water pump went out and it been parked since. This man is a Police officer and so was his dad and it definitely has a clean title. I'm going today and set up a time and date when he is off duty and buy the car. Hell the way I see it I paid more for my hunting bow so what the hell lol. Thanks again and will keep everyone updated on what happens. Ty
  7. Thanks for reply, I don't have concerns of spending $1,500 I just wanted opinions from more knowledgeable folks
  8. Kinda reminds me of Ducks Unlimited Banquets I been to they auction guns that are worth $200 and the I'm the baddest in the room turd bids 3 grand lol
  9. Thanks for the reply, just hate to see a car rot and it really wasn't for sale never had a sign or anything just stopped and asked about it. The thing I like about it is nobody ever did any body work and it's the original paint and everything is original on it like i said I'll counter offer and see how it goes. Not many of these around here that's why it catches my eye and for my 15 yr old son to say he loves the style makes me proud he loves classic cars
  10. Thanks alot for the info I read the tag wrong lol couldn't make out the words on top of plate and looking at the numbers I wrote down y'all are correct it's a 63
  11. Sorry I forgot to add I own a small sheet metal business and know some body work having redone my first truck in high school will search for a pic was a 79 Chevy stepside. The car we want to do will be custom not restored to original and both know it will take many years and money but it will be worth the time with my son on whichever we decide. I will offer something to him and if it works great if not then we will keep searching. Thanks again for all the advice, you guys rock