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  1. Check with napa auto parts, they have wheel cylinders that fit REOs they may have the spring. Or try Lee Spring online. They have many and can make to order.
  2. made the pic a little smaller, striping in the back window
  3. Here is what I currently have. I will need to take some more close up.
  4. Something I have been researching lately is how these cars were pinstriped from the factory. If you look at the sedan I posted it has a lot of striping including two up around the windshield area. I believe this car has the original paint and this may have been done at the factory, or maybe after the original purchaser received it. It also has initials painted on the rear passenger door. The coupe has gold tape pinstriping which is going away. I have looked at many photo's of coupes along with artist drawings from magazine ads. It is a little hard to determine exactly how they were done. I think this car is close but the strips are in the wrong area and need to be move slightly to have them meet properly to go down the good spear together. I have a good striper friend who is going to redo this for me but I need to decide the correct color to use. Any input would be appreciated.
  5. couple close up shots of the Royale coupe and the 29 Flying cloud.
  6. Per Al request here are some pictures. The grey car is a 27 flying cloud sedan made into a "parade" car I bought for parts. I may turn this into a sedan delivery.
  7. Hello all. I just read through the entire thread to catch up. What great exchanges and information. To throw in my participation I wanted to address a question about the air deflector in front of the exhaust manifold. Some place in my discussions with other Royale owners it was explained that the shield was to keep the air from the radiator from cooling the manifold and thus changing how the engine would perform. Sounds logical in a way and the only explanation I have heard so far. An earlier post shows the 8-35 sedan that was for sale on Ebay out in New York. That car did not sell and I contacted the seller after the auction and we came to a deal and it came home with me to Wisconsin. I am currently going through all the mechanicals to make the car drivable and safe. It is a very solid car with what I believe to be original paint. The interior is quite nice but I suspect it has been redone at some time in the past as some of the sewing lines are not straight and the carpet is later for sure. Mechanically it is in pretty good shape as well. I drained what looked like fresh antifreeze out of it, the engine oil did not look to bad and the engine is free. My goal is to have it ready for the REO national meet in Wisconsin next July. I also recently purchased the Royale coupe owned by Gerd and Diane Hermann of New York. Gerd passed almost 5 years ago. I had talked with Diane a couple years ago about what she planned on doing with the car and she indicated it would be for sale. It took us a little over a year to get together for me to see the car. At that time I did get it running, with very old gas no less, and could move it forward and back but the brakes seemed stuck somewhat. Not surprising as it has sat for 4 years at that point no being touched. Gerd only trailered the car to shows so it needed some going over which I did between May and July when I took it to the REO meet in Kerrville Tx. Drove the car on the first day of tours and it was a dream to drive. At the very end of the day however with temps in the mid 90s I got stuck behind very slow traffic going up a long hill and then setting at the top to park and when I shut it off the blew about a gallon of coolant out the top of the radiator. We discovered that the lower hose was collapsing as soon as the engine started. Hose is not correct, the radiator looks replaced with a new one without the correct tube on the bottom hose. Let it cool down and filled it up with water and made it back to the hotel without further problems. Did not drive the second day but the weather was not to good anyway. So a few more things to deal with and I also hope to have this car ready for next July. This car is the Red one on the end of the line in the tx photo of all the Royale's lined up. I also have a rare REO mate phaeton that I got from Don Olson of Vermont years ago before he passed. I have two daughters that I am hoping will join me in bringing all three cars to the meet in July, maybe even driving them there. We are only a couple hours away so I think it will be possible but they both just had little boys so not sure about how we travel with infants and no seat belts for the car seats. The discussions about tire size is very interesting also. My understanding is that the original 650's were larger than what is available today but smaller than the current 700's which makes sense. I also agree with Al that the blackwalls look better even though I have whitewalls on 3 of my REO's ( I also have a 29 flying cloud). I will at some point change them out. As for covers I am working with a fellow in Wi to make the sidemount covers and hope to have some after the first of the year. We already stamped more water jacket covers (used JIm Carlsons molds). I have them in raw stainless steel or can polish them if anyone needs them. We are also going to be reproducing hub caps made exactly as REO did. They will be complete or just the skins will be available. We also made new water disperse tubes for inside the engine out of brass. I may have one or two of those available also. Great discussion, keep it up. Dave
  8. Ken, not sure who you tried for getting your gauge fixed, but I have had very good results with Bruce Abbott in Portland Or. Abbott instrument service. Dave
  9. Nice video, Bill Adcock is a real treasure to have leading the REOlds museum.
  10. I would recommend you join the REO Club of America if you have not already. There will be many folks that can help you find parts or give helpful advise if you need it. I am club secretary and can get you an application or you can visit the website and join online also I believe. Very nice car. I have a mate phaeton with the continental engine. Not as much power as the REO 6 but moves the car pretty well. Good luck getting it unstuck. Dave
  11. Beloit, Wisconsin 90 minutes northwest of Chicago
  12. Rust free, no patch panels former from Kentucky, Mustang Coupe. In very good condition, some staining in paint from a foreign substance. Red with black interior. Bench seat with arm rest, Seat belts. Appears to be a 6 cylinder car converted to 289 v8 with a c4 trans. Runs and drives very well. All manual equipped but I have all factory (dealer installed) power options. (Brakes and steering) to go with the car including mounts and pulley to convert. Good tires all around with a new wheel and tire for the spare. I have many photos I can text to you if interested. Offered at $16,500.00 email at
  13. I believe it is the same car. I was told it was exported from the US to Sweden and restored then sold to Fred de Barsy in Begium. It was then purchased by Gerd Hermann and returned to the US. Gerd Passed 4 years ago and I have purchased the car from his wife. It is now in Wisconsin. If you could email me any info or articles you have I would enjoy reading them. Thanks, Dave,