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  1. I couldn’t agree more. I sold a ‘60 Airstream and ‘64 Ford on eBay. The location of the item is one of the first things listed on the ads. Amazing how many people made bids then wanted to retract when they realized I live in Canada. The dummies can search eBay for an item but they don’t know how to use google maps.
  2. A good friend of mine built his Roundhouse car garage back in 1972. His father was a railroad man and it was his idea to build an automobile display building complete with centre turntable to allow the cars to be driven forward into the building onto the turntable then backed into each spot easily. The building is 60ft in diameter and makes for a rather unique display. Sorry I don’t have better photos.
  3. I am currently in the process of overhauling a 302 Ford from my brothers 1992 Lincoln Mark 7, it had 140,000 miles on it. Bores look excellent with no ridge so I had a friend of mine come over with his Sunnen bore taper gauge. We were amazed that 7 bores had only .0005”taper and one had .001” Just a quick ball hone is all it’s getting and a new set of standard rings. Yes I think it’s entirely possible to get a million miles from a block over the course of several overhauls, boring oversize only when necessary. Might be possible with a Model A engine but frequent oil changes and filtering are paramount. Just can’t see anyone wanting to travel a million miles at 45mph though...
  4. Terry, I'm really enjoying seeing these photos. What a great collection. Your auto parts display must be an incredibly awesome thing to see in person. These are the types of things that a guy like me can marvel at the craftsmanship and creativity of them for hours. Truly items of another time which show just how far we have fallen with regards to quality made items and our current acceptance of cheaply made products. Most new items we buy today are essentially garbage when compared to the stuff built in the era of your collection. Absolutely marvellous stuff, hope you can find time to post some more pictures.
  5. MCHinson that is a very diplomatic response and one of the things that I feel makes this a unique forum these days. I don't post much here but stop by often and in my opinion the members here show a lot more gentlemenly conduct that is becoming a thing of the past these days. And to Kro-Pro, I wish you the best and hope your family business does well in the future.
  6. I live on Vancouver Island on the west coast of British Columbia and I just sold my 64 Falcon on eBay. In the ad description very near where the current bid price is shown lists the location of the item being sold. Many of the inquiries about the auction were regarding the location of the car for sale, so I would politely answer these questions even though their answer was right there in the description. Even after the close of the auction and transfer of the down payment, the winner was still amazed that the car is on an island and will need to be driven onto a ferry. The same thing happened when I sold my Airstream trailer to a woman in Texas via eBay. In that case, the trailer was paid in full (over ten thousand dollars) and nearly three years later the trailer is still sitting in a storage yard about three miles from my house. I cannot comprehend how people are able to search for an item they are dreaming about on eBay, go through the steps of bidding and payment, yet they seem to have a huge problem figuring out how to use google maps. Honestly, the ignorance of some people these days really amazes me.
  7. A friend of mine has a 1930 Nash twin 8 rumble seat coupe. I have done a lot of online searches and have only found one other, so there is likely only a handful left
  8. All the literature that I have read said all the GTE Cougars with the 427 were automatics only the 428s had manual transmission. Anyways it's a rare one and with a sunroof to boot.
  9. Beware there are two styles of intake gaskets for the 302 I had a similar problem once and didn't notice I used the gasket for the large port water jacket on a small port head. Water leak into the valley
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