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  1. They are a potential fire hazard. If the float bowl ever spills over the fuel goes straight down to the filter which will absorb gas. Being right beside the exhaust down pipe from the manifold they have been known to catch fire, and with the fuel tank right above it things can get exciting in a hurry. I’ve never thought that a little dirt reduction to the engine was worth the risk of losing the car to a fire.
  2. Congrats! That’s in very nice shape, perfect size project to enjoy and improve the mechanicals as you go. Nice to see it’s getting a new lease on life so others can see it being enjoyed.
  3. There is one at the museum in Winthrop, Washington. What a cool place with lots of nice original condition artifacts.
  4. I’m probably going to get a lot of flak for this comment but my experience has been that most baby boomers rate wealth as a major indication of success. I’m 44 and own 6 vehicles that I consider fall into the collector car category, one I inherited but the rest I have put my own hard work and as little money as possible to bring back to life, they aren’t blue ribbon cars but very presentable. I have a 66 F250 4x4 that I bought out of southern Oregon in 2008 for $4000, a very solid truck that I repainted and made look nice, bought a parts truck and chose the best parts of each and kept the total investment in the project to around $7500. I’m happy with it and it’s a big attention getter, it’s fun, I know how to fix it, and I paid cash the way a little here a little there. An acquaintance of mine in his 70s has a very nice 1997 F350 4x4 low miles that he bought new. At a family BBQ he commented on my truck asking me what I thought it’s worth, I said “ I don’t know, I might be able to get twenty grand for it” to which his reply was “mine’s worth twenty five”. I didn’t bother responding that he paid more for his truck in the first place and it’s worth less than what he spent on it. In his eyes he’s got the diamond and his “investment” was a good one and he can go around comparing his success in life by the value of his possessions. I’ll just carry on turning sad looking junk into better looking junk and get my satisfaction that way.
  5. Found some pictures on another forum of a 28 Pontiac truck
  6. Pontiac did build it’s own truck for one or two years 1927-28, but I have no idea if they were manufactured in USA or Canada or both. A friend of mine on Vancouver Island has one if anyone out there is looking for parts to restore theirs we would like to find someone who can use it.
  7. Give some more details here, I don’t want people thinking it’s a good idea to sand base coat because it is not. Base coat is so thin and flashes so fast you would have to be the worst painter in the world to get it to orange peel and run. If you screw up, yes it can be sanded and reapplied but if you’re sanding between clear you’re taking a big gamble on having a sand through on a product that doesn’t have much mil thickness. If you pulled it off, all I can say is: 1: you were lucky 2: get a better spray gun and practice so you don’t get runs If you’re talking clear over a single stage and sanding between then that’s a different animal and will work fine but you’re gonna have an old car with such a glossy finish it won’t look period it’s a street rod finish.
  8. Seems like a perfect opportunity to teach yourself how to do it. Autobody101 is a forum that helped me answer a few questions and YouTube has all kinds of helpful stuff, there’s an Aussie that calls himself The Gunman who has some excellent videos. Its very rewarding to accomplish your own paint and body work, all it takes is time.
  9. Congrats they are good cars despite the reputation and comments you might get from people who don’t really know much about cars. I have a 58 Pacer, if you’re on Facebook there are several Edsel focus groups but I recommend the Edsel Restoration and Preservation group there, a lot of very knowledgeable Edsel people and it’s pretty active.
  10. In the early 90s I went with my dad to a couple old dilapidated alley garages in East Vancouver. The guy that rented them had a dark green 66 Mustang fastback that had a ragtop sunroof and factory am/fm radio. I can’t remember how much he wanted for it but we ended up buying a basic 70s 302 from him just to get the original Buddy Bar Cobra intake that came off a 65 Gt350 he had parted out years earlier. He gave us the original resonators and under rider traction bars from it but they were in poor shape and we threw them away years later. The other garage held an original AC Ace, aluminum body car that had a Chevy drivetrain. It had apparently been raced at Westwood racetrack in the 70s. My dad and I were into Fords and he was really prejudiced against Chevys and couldn’t bring himself to pull the trigger on the deal. I’m sure if it had a Ford engine he might have bought it. I do remember he wanted 20K for it which wasn’t cheap money in the early 90s, but I’m sure it would have been a great investment based on the values the Cobras and AC cars are now. Definitely a few missed opportunities.
  11. I know a couple elderly collectors on Vancouver Island with some early stuff that will never get restored. A Brush, A Galloway, an early EMF, ‘15 Buick truck, a Pontiac truck which I believe was only built for a year or two in the late 20s just to name a few. None are particularly valuable even when restored, and it they all need everything. For most younger enthusiasts these projects just don’t have much attraction.
  12. Although the cost of an electric EV conversion is high, I think in a park tour perspective the extra cost might be able to be passed on to the customer somewhat. I think park guests would be very supportive of efforts made to reduce pollution within the parks. The electric vehicles are pretty reliable as long as you have adequate sized battery banks.
  13. Do a search for Turco 5351, it’s the best that I have used.
  14. Love it. Well played. You’d give Leno a run for his money at the old car guy’s comedy club.