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  1. if it's any help, the wheel opening mouldings are the same for both. they used to install them just down the line from me at the GM plant in 1965.
  2. wonder if lower case change has anything to do with being second to toyota?
  3. we used an electric fuel pump with a hose down the dipstick tube to drain transmissions. btw weren't all 54 chevys supposed to be turquoise and white? did you not get the memo?
  4. everytime a Hudson gets saved, an angel gets their wings.
  5. the big change between 1965 and 1966 chevrolet was the thickness of the body sheet metal, which might be a factor in how many of each survived. i worked at the wilmington plant in 1966 and my job was putting the body side moulding clips on and there was a problem with the metal buckling on the bel aires since they had larger clips than the impalas. problem was solved by putting a heat lamp over the bin the clips were kept in
  6. my only claim to "cool". took my test in a 1957 chevrolet 210 sport sedan. driver's ed car was a 1962 chevy 2 four cyl stick in the hills of pennsylvania
  7. and don't forget that 235 with the 292 truck engine camshaft and 3 one bbl carbs also known as corvette power
  8. i have a great fondness for the chevy 4 dr ht. it was what i learned to drive in, and took my driver's test in. in later years, i learned it was kinda rare, it was a 1957 but a 210 model sport sedan. i later bought a 57 sport sedan, but mine was a bel aire.
  9. my first car, a 1954 chevy, was part of the reason that Pep boys sold drain oil in 2 gallon cans. i was however, unsuccessful in getting any money from the state for mosquito control. on a serious note, in the mid 1970's a quart per 1,000 miles was considered acceptable per oldsmobile servie updates.
  10. i would love to see these replies posted again in about 15 years. then we'll see who the smart people are/were. by the way, as soon as hotels wake up and install chargers, many things will change. i laugh when i pass a local gas station (wawa) that has a row of them. i guess they cater to 20th century thinking. i'm 74, and every nickel i've ever made was from automibles, but i'd buy an electric vehicle in a heartbeat.
  11. remember the SRT Dodge neon? have you seen one lately? it was a very easy car to talk your parents into. cheap and innocent looking. i sold them and most were wrecked within 6 months.
  12. i've always heard them referred to as "Mae Wests', pardon my 21st century incorrectness
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