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  1. i don't recall ever seeing a washer pump hooked to a vac. line. i'll bet your spark plugs are nice and clean. the 3 hoses should go to the supply, and the smaller ones to the spray nozzles
  2. i worked at a used car dealer that special;ized in selling cars from salvage auctions.we exceded any and all state disclosure laws. in ten years there, never had a buyer take us to court. there are basiclly three types of cars that we sold, accident damage, flood, and theft recovery. sometimes a prospective buyer would also ask for a carfax report. i was amazed at how many of them came up clean. use common sense as well as the internet when you make a purchase.
  3. wonder why they never did an olds toronado?
  4. we often joked back in the day about needing a special "J" tool..... a trained monkey.
  5. most of the ones i've seen are far more trouble than they are worth.
  6. not sure what type of car you're working on, but usually you remove cable from back of speedometer and pull the cable out of the housing. you then feed the new cable in, after applying a liberal amount of white lube on it. next step is to remove lower end from speedo gear an connect new cable into the hole in the end of the gear. tighten everything up and you're done
  7. i agree that a pressurizer would be best choice, but back in the 60's used the vasoline method many time with great success. it will not clog oil passages as it breaks down in the motor oil very quickly.
  8. i'm 6 foot 3 and weight 315 pounds, and i'm amazed at how well i can fit in the new mini.
  9. funny how completely different cars with the same name do well thousands of miles away. a few years back i wondered why every time we had a dodge dynasty on the lot, quite a few koreans came by to look, and sometimes buy them. i found out later there was a totally different car for sale in korea called.... you guessed it, the dynasty.
  10. somebody must have loved the ford taurus, nearly every car sold in america copies the lines of the 1986 taurus. also, fear not, you will be able to purchase the 4 door sedan in the future, it will be electric, and built in china.
  11. this problem seems to come up a lot. as one of you pointed out, the vin is stamped on the frame. this is true of most american cars.your state probably has an auto theft unit that goes to your motor vehicle office on a regular basis. find out when they will be there, they will have access to the location of where the vin number is on the frame.
  12. probably both will as the older cars price themselves out of the market. the crossfire was a bargain when new. it was about 15 grand less than the mercedes that was built on the same assembly line. hey, can can remember in the 60's when i bought a very nice 1957 cadillac fleetwood 75 limo for less than a hundred bucks from a local funeral home.
  13. the quality of service of auto part stores can vary from location to location, or even from month to month. here's a hint : crack open a cold beer, and go to the autozone web site first. it will tell you if they have the part, or if it can be ordered. don't tell me you don't have internet, i can prove you do.
  14. in the late 80's, i was a sales manager at a peugeot dealer in philly..never had very much to do, even though that was in the middle of a diesel craze, and they made a pretty good one. left that job due to boredom, and started wholesaling cars. not that they were dumping cars to save a spot on the U.S. market, but i bought 6 new ones, shipped them to egypt, and still made a good profit on them after shipping costs.