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  1. another option would be the 261 cam in the 235, just like the original corvette
  2. local boy who made good, george throgood and the delaware destroyers had a marathon wagon. it kinda became his trademark when he did local gigs
  3. , hopeing fiat never tries to build a rocket and launch one of their cars into orbit, not sure my roof is strong enough.
  4. you can still get and display them on any car here in delaware. there are a couple restrictions. i think tag number must be below 88,000 and be only numbers, no letters
  5. yes it was the basis for the V12 and was used quite a bit into the 1970's as well. if you want to change the spark plugs, make sure you clean any debris from around them first, if not it could easily fall into the hole after you remove the old plugs if memory serves me correctly, they were 301 and 351 cubic inch for the six
  6. it's been my experience that stop leak won't help at all with radiator or heater core problems. i is however, excellent at stopping leaks between machined surfaces and freeze plugs. we had a lot of problems with aluminum intake manifolds leaking at the front corners on the olds 260 v8. bars leak wouldn't fix it. but when we replaced the manifold, the new one usually leaked a little. added one can of bars leak, and you could actually watch the stream of coolant disappear.
  7. before i lay out 30 plus grand for a new hi tech vehicle, i'm reminded of the GM ccc system. sure it was radically different from things on the engine that a human could diagnose and repair. about a month or 2 into trying to repair that dreaded check engine light, we discovered that most of the "problems" in the system were due to the self diagnosing part of it. and now you tell me that dam Hal 9000 computor wants to over ride my brakes and steering too?
  8. first corvette to have a factory recall. and how did that crossfire engine work out?
  9. two things i always looked for when appraising a VERY low millage car, battery should be a replacement and exhaust system should be totally rusted out, or recently replaced. otherwise i'd need a lot of documentation.
  10. all good advice, but i wouldn't drop the tank and remove sending unit un less i had a replacement for it in my hand.
  11. has anyone else had the joy of driving thru about a foot of standing water with drum brakes? end result would make a great "thrill ride" for an amusement park
  12. i remember when the radio quit on my 1954 chevy. i was a teenager then, and couldn't drive it with no music. made a quick trip to pep boys and bought a thing called a vibrator, plugged it in and presto, was rockin out again. hoping the name of that part dosen't inspire a lot of bad jokes.
  13. the USPS delivery truck stops in front of my house almost every day. last month, it sounded like it was developing a rod knock. i listened every day as it got progressivly louder. about a week later, i saw it on the back of a tow truck. now a month later it's replacement is starting to sound a little suspect. i may have a clue to their problem. btw, there is a town here in delaware named canden-wyoming. i can only guess what kind of problems they might have getting their mail.
  14. worked at a buick dealer back around 1970. the opel was a pretty much trouble free car. the GT would have sold better if air conditioning was available in it.