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  1. living 20 miles from a nascar track, i can tell you it is a huge boost to local economy.. that being said, how about this : dump the xfinity series, and replace it with some kind of "retro series".all pre 1980 bodies with only restriction being a natrually aspiraed, carbed engine with a cubic inch limit only. no overhead cams, but all the safety components. there are far too many of today's driver who whine about other drivers tactics, lets see how they react to the "chrome horn".
  2. my father was a student at the new jersey GM training center. i saw some kind of certificate that he completed the class, but i've since misplaced it. i think this took place in the 1920's. i've been told it was the first year they had the class. anyone have a guess on how i could get some kind of record of this? not looking for any profit for my efforts, just think it would be cool to pass down to my great grandson some day.
  3. philly is not baltimore, i've seen 2 people killed in "charm city"
  4. here's a thought, drop in the 350 and enjoy driving it. when it comes time to sell, throw that original 265 in with the deal. as far as hood injuries, you haven't lived until you went under the hood of a late 60's- early 70's olds cutlass, and caught you head on that piece that sticks down between the grills every day.
  5. i had to put my two cents in on this post. pat's or ginos are good, i would feed a reading terminal market one to a dog i didn't like. but you need to get off the tourist trail, ask a hotel employee where the nearest hole in the wall sandwich shop is, and go there. fried onions, cheeze whiz, hot and sweet peppers get my vote. enjoy.
  6. i worked at the GM assembly plant in wilmington in the mid 60's.i would think that would have been where the chevies and full sized buicks bound for that part of the world would have been built. the only exports i can recall were bound for central america. many had heater delete, kilo speedometer, and low compression V8 (chevy) options
  7. using poetic license on an old poem " how do i love thee? let me count the doors, sorry babe"
  8. i've been pondering this rush to electric vehicles. wouldn't a hydrogen conversion be a lot easier as a retro-fit?
  9. since most le mans coupes have become mysteriously GTO'S, i'd think there would be a good market for that 455
  10. it's a rarely enforced law, the porcelain plates are only legal up to tag#88000, and must be numbers only.if it's a PC or d plate, it can be plack reflective with stainless numbers only. funniest thing i ever saw platewise, was i got behind a rolls royce convert. with a 2 digit tag and the tag was expired. a lot of low numbered tags here, less than 1 million residents, but we will soon have to change our numbering system
  11. i have seen 2 digit license plates sell for over $100,000.00 here in delaware. happens all the time.
  12. a possible explaination could be that ford was still hanging onto the idea that the thunderbird was a corvette competitor ?
  13. since people have been force fed vehicles from a cookie cutter design, and the big three are only concerned with making suv's as cheaply as possible in mexico and china, can a microsoft or even an amazon car really be that far off?