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  1. we used to often accuse the detail shop we used of just spraying the car with lemon pledge
  2. my brother in law worked for david brown company in southeastern pennsylvania and brought the bond car home several times.he told me the only things that were faked for the movie was the ejector seat and the axles with the cutting blades on them.
  3. get a 12v test light. check the wires at the brake switchto see if the feed wire is hot. then push the pedal and see if the other wire gets hot.. if ok, check the feed to the turn signals if not hot, look for an open in wiring going back to lights from switch
  4. you can buy those windows at any camper supply store. looks like a driveway built conversion, many of those made in 70's and 80's
  5. YOU MIGHT NEED TO PRESENT DMV with a copy of death certificate of previous owner. in some states that will simplify the process greatly. but as mentioned earlier, all states are different. used to be you could get an alabama title for anything.
  6. thanks for the flashback to my corvair days. those thermoststats pictured earlier are very important to keep an eye on to make sure they are working properly. after an evening of having a few drinks, i must have backed into a curb, and bent the left one.funnt thing about corvairs, if they get hot, and blow a head gasket, you don't notice it rightaway. no low coolant, no steam out the exhaust. those gauges seem like a good idea.
  7. first of all, have you had to add oil or coolant? that could be a clue. also another name for freeze plugs is expansion plugs. they are designed to pop out if the coolant freezes and expands, as in the weakest point. otherwise, expanding coolant would crack the block.
  8. 1964 volkswagen micro bus. had a 12V battery in the back to power my sound system. it came in handy a couple of times when i needed a jump. and once, my throttle cable broke 50 miles from home, so i hooked my speaker wires up to the carb and made it home with a hand throttle, routed thru the tailgate
  9. this might be an easy way to see if the engine is locked up. put the car in high gear, and get a friend to help you push it a foot or 2. mark a spot on crank pullt to see if it actually turns if you cant watch and push at the same time. another simple proceedure, tap the starter a couple times with a hammer, i've seen it get a starter that didn't work, work flawlessly for years afterward
  10. $1.73 here in delaware, but you can't come here, state troopers aren't allowing out of state cars in.
  11. they don't appear to be snap on wrenches, so if they break, you are on your own
  12. it's a toss up. in 1963 had a chance to buy a neigbor's everyday driver, a 1928 model A tudor for $125. dad shot that one down. he was a hard core chevy guy, hated snything ford. six years later bought a 1957 cadillac series 75 limo from a funeral home for $75. loved that carfor the year i drove it till the tranny went out.
  13. i have 2 theories about length of car ownership. first is it directly relates to the term of the average auto loan. when i started in car sales, avg. loan was 36-48 months, and that was pretty close to avg. trading cycle. car business is gonna be in big trouble as the tv ads are telling me to buy now with 84 month, zero percent loan. another theory was that back in the 30's thru the 60's. it was assumed that the life of a car was under 100,000 miles. i think a reason for that was the used cars had the milege rolled back on many of them, and probably had a lot more miles on them than odometer showed when they finally quit.
  14. or get a can of carb cleaner for about 10 bucks.
  15. reccomend you do it during normal banking hours. that way seller can have the funds on your check verified and you can then have sellers signature notorized on the title. most all banks have a notory on staff.