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  1. cheezestaak2000

    Will the Cadillac XLR be a Collectible?

    probably both will as the older cars price themselves out of the market. the crossfire was a bargain when new. it was about 15 grand less than the mercedes that was built on the same assembly line. hey, can can remember in the 60's when i bought a very nice 1957 cadillac fleetwood 75 limo for less than a hundred bucks from a local funeral home.
  2. cheezestaak2000

    Auto Zone vs NAPA

    the quality of service of auto part stores can vary from location to location, or even from month to month. here's a hint : crack open a cold beer, and go to the autozone web site first. it will tell you if they have the part, or if it can be ordered. don't tell me you don't have internet, i can prove you do.
  3. cheezestaak2000

    New 2019 Peugeot 504

    in the late 80's, i was a sales manager at a peugeot dealer in philly..never had very much to do, even though that was in the middle of a diesel craze, and they made a pretty good one. left that job due to boredom, and started wholesaling cars. not that they were dumping cars to save a spot on the U.S. market, but i bought 6 new ones, shipped them to egypt, and still made a good profit on them after shipping costs.
  4. cheezestaak2000

    Acura tl 2006 repair estimate

    lol, getting an alignment at a tire shop? what could possibly go wrong?
  5. cheezestaak2000

    Acura tl 2006 repair estimate

    i had a similar experience with my jeep. it needed a power steering hose(i could see where it was leaking). i got a quote from local firestone shop for 200 bucks and thought that was outragous, so just for fun, i called local jeep dealer. they quoted something just north of 700 bucks. i'm amazed how bad the pricing is at dealerships. i worked many years at olds, buick, and amc dealers, and the prices we quoted were very fair and competitive. when did it all change? btw, firestone did a nice job.
  6. silver grill, gold vee
  7. ok, just to add to the confusion, i was under the impression that the 2bbl v8's had the silver vee, and the power pack 4bbl had the gold one. my 57 was a 4bbl and had the gold vee, my parents had a 2 bbl with silver vee. mine was a bel aire, theirs was a 210
  8. cheezestaak2000

    Old gas station in downtown Detroit.

    many of the old gas stations survive because of the astronomical expense to remove the in ground tanks
  9. cheezestaak2000

    Carburetor Vacuum Break Assembly -1968 442

    the replacement for it is metal. also while you'r at it, replace that plastic fast idle cam
  10. cheezestaak2000

    What year Chevrolet SS Hubcaps 65 or 66?

    any chance one of those is for a chevelle ss ?
  11. cheezestaak2000


    looping the heater hose, as suggested earlier, looks like the best quick fix. cooling system sealer isn't much good for radiators or heater cores, but works well when the leak is between 2 machined surfaces
  12. cheezestaak2000

    what motor do i have please help

    didn't the Z28 engine have solid lifters? that would clear it up.
  13. cheezestaak2000

    63 Buick Electra Chrome - how is it held on

    i worked at GM in 1964. my job was installing side mldg clips. while we didn't build the electra there. those clips look a lot like the ones used on the 1965 impala rear quater. they were placed into the hole, then an air tool was placed into that oval slot. it had 2 fingers that expanded to secure the clip. so maybe you could install clips with something similar to snap ring pliers
  14. cheezestaak2000

    Help with my 51 Chevy Wagon

    here's a hint for the novice: as you remove a part, thake a picture showing where it goes, and put all attaching parts in a labeled bag taped to that part. and yes, the fine folks in here are very helpful rather than judgemental.