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  1. Not sure it's normal, but mine have the same gap . Also sandblasted with no rubber yet .
  2. We use Johnny joints and custom arms going from a 700R to a 12 bolt Rear end.
  3. What pressure cap should you use on a 40 Buick ?
  4. Make sure your fan belt is tight. I assume the water pump in new.
  5. Use a GPS app on a smart phone to find out how much your off. Then most transmission shops can set you up with the right gear.
  6. We fired up the Buick for the first time on May 19th. Started on first turn. The Fitech FI is almost too simple to set up , I keep thinking I was not doing something. The engine ran great with no problems so far.
  7. When you replace your tires , I recommend filling with nitrogen as that will help extend the life of the rubber. Still will not last forever but helps. As Larry said it's the oxygen that does a lot of the damage . Also UV rays .
  8. Evans waterless coolant is the way to go on a fresh build. Very high boiling point so no need to pressurize the system ( less leaks blown hoses ect ). No rust ever , never needs changed last forever . Much better heat transfer for better cooling ( #7 & 8 on a Buick straight 8 will like that ) . Cost is just a little more if you start with a total dry system . If you convert from regular coolant the cost can get high as you need to purge all water from system. Must make sure no one ever adds water or your in trouble lol . Evans does what they claim. I wish I had known about Evans when I bu
  9. Never drive on tires older that 12 year old max. Always check for dry rot , rubber starts deteriorating just setting. I learned the hard way.
  10. Very much so , max for tires is 12 years . Start going bad after 6 year years. 20 year old tyres very dangerous. It's the rubber that goes bad just setting.
  11. Very sweet , I would place money on both.
  12. Buick fire up on first turn over. Fitech FI is almost too simple. Very easy to set up and runs great. Using Evens waterless coolant which works like they said it would. Only problem so far is gas gauge works backwards lol .
  13. I think you do. There are several guys on here that have made to change over. Hope they respond.
  14. Thank you , I'll check him out. I would like to have them engine-turned. Right now they are powder coated.
  15. I check Chevy's of the 40's , think same switch was used for both.
  16. I have a set of 1940 Buick Running boards off a Special 4 door touring sedan . FREE to anyone who needs them. Not in good shape , rust . A good metal Smith can repair and need new rubber. Pick up or pay for shipping. Contact me hear .
  17. I have some guts left from the old gages and other parts off the frame. Will post some pictures soon.
  18. One of the problems with synthetic is oil leaks. Synthetic's have smaller molecules which is why their are better at lubricating and leaking. If you don't mind leaks use the proper weight synthetic that's formulated for classic cars. Do not use modern synthetic as they don't have the additives for cam or valves. I switched from synthetic to Lucas 20-40 oil for classic cars to quiet my valves.
  19. I'm looking for someone with a restored 1940 Buick within a 100 miles of Louisville ky. I would like to take pictures of trim ,seals ect to help with my project. Also advice would be welcome:) .
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