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  1. While it's not my personal find, my Grandfather had found a Panel Wagon and had big plans for it before he passed away.
  2. I definitely will be. It's never leaving the family under my watch. I just wish I could have gotten more of his cars. He had a beautiful purple 53 F-100 I really wished I had gotten.
  3. Its nothing against them, I've just never seen any of them in person that was newer then the 53 Jeepster to have this experience with them.
  4. I've noticed that people don't seem to know what the Willy's Jeepster is, at least the 48-50's models. Even most other car enthusiasts I've met have asked me just what my car is. When most people hear Willy's they go to the war time jeep and rightfully so it has earned its place in our history. I know early Jeepsters didn't have a high production number but I'd think more people would know about it. I guess what I'm getting at is, Have you heard of the jeepster or even have one? I have a 1948 custom Willy's Jeepster. All the rights to the work done to it belong to my Grandfather I've only inherited it to keep it running show to show like he loved to do.