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  1. Looking for inner fenders for Ford 33 5 window coupe.
  2. The name he used was gtom2902. I think it's a scam. I'm trying to get him to send close up pics of some fenders, and he tells me " I better look closer" at some pics of a whole truck. Plus can't get him to call me either. Dude is a damn scammer.
  3. I was wondering the same thing. He sent a pic of a truck that he is parting out. But same deal, asked for money gram. And was way cheap on the parts I asked about. Is is there a way to search the members? At least see when he created an account?
  4. Still looking for fenders. Also need inner fenders. Need the splash guard that go's under the grille. Not sure what it's called.
  5. Motor from a basket case bought. Literally parts in a basket. Motor turns over freely. No water in oil. $1,500.
  6. That's what I'm now finding out. My little 3k steal of a deal is like the holly grail of parts to hunt down. But really just need fenders and its pretty much complete. Thanks for the offer, and if you happen to know anyone willing to sell some parts please keep me in mind!!
  7. I will keep that in mind. Really need the set tho... Do you have any other parts you might want sell? Just picked up a basket case. Literally parts in a basket!!!
  8. Need fenders. I also need all brackets for all fenders and running boards.
  9. For sale. Restored about 10 yrs ago. Driven for about 2 yrs. has been sitting ever since. In CA. Make offer. Can send pics.
  10. Looking for a 35 36 ford pickup.
  11. I'm looking for 35 36 ford pickup.
  12. I'm looking for a 35 36 ford pickup.
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