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  1. Power windows, power seats (original), amazingly, the inside is pretty original other than the seat coverings and paint. All the gauges work and are original. Not a bad car purchased for $200 in the early 90s. Engine has never been rebuilt, at least since my dad purchased it.
  2. Thanks for the info. I'll do some research, maybe I can find one somewhere or just have to buy a universal one. Final question, are the door panels similar, finding the same problem on the 66 not being readily available.
  3. Great looking car. I do hope they use the Riviera badge since all the other US manufacturers are going resto. Even throw in a GS option similar to the Cadillac VTS model.
  4. I have a 66 Riviera GS and so does my father. We are having trouble locating some parts. In many of the catalogs, there seems to be more aftermarket offerings for the 65 down and 67 up. Other than the 425 vs 430 engine size, what are the main differences between the 66 and 67? Should I be able to use a 67 fan shroud on the 66?
  5. Besides the 425 vs 430 engines, what are the differences for these two year modelRiviera GSs? I have a 66 and so does my father and we are having trouble locating certain 66 parts, like a fan shroud. The 67 and 65 down seem to have better after market like new parts. Thanks