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  1. I like how most of these people are saying to not work with a broker or to use uShip. Go ahead and try to find the actual carriers online...... wait.... that's right it is nearly impossible. This industry is run by brokers because nearly every trucking company in the auto transport industry is a small business that owns one or two trucks. These companies are not online, do not have websites and have no other way of getting cars to transport unless they use brokers. As for uShip, I do not know how this company is even allowed to still be in the auto transport industry. It is against the law to double broker a car and nearly half of the vehicles that are accepted on bids are bids from brokers. So now the customer has to pay uShip a fee, pay a broker and then pay the carrier. It is MORE EXPENSIVE. So, if you people do not know what you're talking about PLEASE don't speak at all. At the end of the day, 9 times out of 10 you're going to be working with a broker. It is the simple fact. Are all brokers good? Hell no. Most are piles of garbage. To find a good reliable broker you need to check out Transport Reviews, BBB, Google+, Facebook, and Google their company name. Find info on them. Make sure they are reliable and have good customer reviews. A brokers job is to get a reliable trucker to take their customers vehicle at a good rate. Our job as a GOOD broker is to help the customers. We want to make money, but we also want to the customer to get a good deal as well.
  2. I hear you when you say that you're not a fan of brokers. You don't want to pay the broker fee and instead you want to work with a carrier directly. Well, go ahead and call DAS, Reliable Carriers, etc. and ask for a quote. These companies are the actual carriers, BUT I'm sure you'll pay more than if you did get quotes from brokers. I will say that 75% of brokers are dirtbags. I hear ya. There are some great ones out there that will truly get you a great price, get proper dates, follow up and actually perform the task at hand for you. If you do choose to go the broker path PLEASE do research on the broker first on the BBB, Transport Reviews and any other review site you can think of. Then choose the company that doesn't take a deposit until they found the actual carrier for you. These are the companies that will work until your vehicle is transported. Yeah, they'll post it on Central Dispatch for truckers to see, but great brokers also make phone calls to previous truckers that has done route similar to yours and see they availability, etc.. They don't just set it and forget it. Also, the reason you'll always find brokers online on Google and other search engines is because they are the ones that can gather customers from around the country and find them the haulers that do the routes. Most of these truckers are a one man or a two man show. They do the same route over and over again. They are not nationwide and they would be bothered by phone calls from customers asking for routes they do not do. It wouldn't be a good experience for the customers or the truckers. At the end of the day... brokers needs truckers and truckers need brokers to keep full at all times and keep the wheels turning. It is a never ending cycle. Until someone has enough money to create a "Central Dispatch" that ONLY allows truckers and no brokers to deal directly with customers, this is they way the industry will be run.
  3. You can use a broker company... they are all not scumbags. To find a great car shipping broker you should: 1. Choose about 3 different companies. Go to their websites and get the company name of each. 2. Go to the BBB, Transport Reviews and Social Media (Facebook & Google+) and make sure they are a good company. 3. Get a quote from each of them to compare. 4. Choose the one that will not require a deposit until an actual trucker has been found, you know who is picking up your vehicle and when it is happening. That is truly all you need to do to find a good quality broker. Using a broker will get your vehicle transported the fastest and a good broker will only work with companies that have great ratings, the proper DOT Authority and has insurance.