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  1. Hi all, does anyone know what type or types of wood that was used in the making of the coach? I have some rotten wood that needs to be replaced. Also is there anyone out there that has measurements for any of the framework?
  2. Hi Sergio. I am still looking for a fuel gauge bezel. I have had no luck finding one yet. What are the bake light parts you are referring to. If it is the control knobs Bob's has them.
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    Bob's Automobilia may have it.
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    Here is what mine looks like.
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    Hi Kevin. Not sure if your car is the same as mine, 1930 series 40 but on mine the oil filter is a big canister on the right aft side of the engine. Also for your brakes check the ground for the housing.
  6. Thanks Mark. Any suggestions on the epoxy?
  7. Hello all. Does anyone out there have milars or patterns for the wood on a series 40 Buick. I am currently in the process of removing the interior and have found wood that will need to be replaced. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  8. This is good info. What manual are these pages from?
  9. George thanks for taking the time to post the pictures of the rear window trim. I am not that far along with my project but I will definately need to pull these up when I get there. Michael yes I have some bad wood that will need to be replaced and I will try your technique for the nails. I first need to remove all the interior trim so I can get a good look at all the wood. I have contacted LeBaron for an interior trim package but Aaron tells me he does not have this model. So I am going to pull it out carefully so he can use it as a template. Is there that much difference between a 40 and 50/60 series interior? you guys have been a great help already and just wanted to say thank you. I am sure I will need some additional help in later months. Take care
  10. Thanks George. Are all the side windows metal in your car, or wood? And I would like to see more pictures of the rear when you are able.
  11. That would be great Michael and George. Do you guys have any tips on how to get the nails out of the body metal without messing up the medal?
  12. Hi Michael. Do you have any pictures of the wood you are making for the rear window? I would like to know how you are going to recreate it.
  13. Thanks Michael and by the way the body is off.
  14. Hi Michael. All my other Windows have metal trim.
  15. Hi all. I am looking to find someone who my have the following parts that they re will to sell. Rear window trim and a fuel gauge complete or just a bezel. If you do or know someone who may please let me know. Thank you.
  16. Thank you Michael for this info. Did not know about the shims.
  17. Hello all. As the title states I am getting ready to remove the body from my model 47 and wanted to ask the experts for any do's and don't help. Would not want to make any mistakes that will cost me more in the end. I am removing it to get full access to the bottom woodwork and to the frame. Do I need to make braces, etc and are there any places I need to stay away from while jacking. Your knowledge would be greatly appreciated
  18. Hello all. I am looking to buy a bezel for my fuel gauge. Does anyone have one for sale or know where one could be purchased? Mine is not in good shape. I have all new pieces for the remainder of the gauge.
  19. Hello Jan. I am new to this and I am currently trying my hand at a 1930 series 47. Do you still have this car? I am from Georgia and I am interested. I like hot rods but not for a car that is able to be put back to original. Let me know. And Take care.
  20. Latest update. Whith your help I was able to remove the engine temp probe and fuel gauge line without problems. When installing the fuel gauge parts into the back piece I broke the glass capalary tube. Does anyone know where I can find one or another whole gauge in working order? I will try today to get the piece off my streering column so I can proceed with the gear changes. I will go slow with this but wish me luck.
  21. Thanks Don. The temp probe was removed easily with the mix you suggested. I am still working on the fuel gauge line. Micheal I will work on this one as I do not have a replacement for this paticular piece. I looks as though this piece is pressed in place but once removed will allow me to gain access to the gears I was referring to for replacement.
  22. Thank you very much. Will try this after work.
  23. Good morning to all Buick Prewar enthuiasts. I am trying to restore my car, body off, but I am having difficulty removing the temp gauge connection on the engine. Does this pull out of the block or out of the back of the gauge? I also have to change out the back of the fuel gauge. I have a new one from Bob's but I cannot get the tube off the top. Is this a compression fitting? If so does anyone know what I have to do to remove it? I am also changing the gears at the bottom of the steering column but there is one piece that I cannot get off and was wondering if I need to use a puller for it. I have pictures attached.
  24. Sorry gentlemen. I forgot my manners. The pictures are of a 1930 Buick 47. There were two pictures. The first was of my gas gauge. The housing is broken and I purchased a new one from Bob's. I have the nut loose on the top of the gauge but the tube does not come out. I have to remove the line in order to install the new back plate for the gauge. The second picture is of the temp probe in the block. I am trying to get this disconnected so I can remove the gauge both to be able to polish it and I am planning on removing the body in the near future. It does not seam to come apart at the gauge end either. I have soaked this temp probe twice already but it doesn't seam to want to move. It is just sitting in there correct?
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