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  1. Looking to sell my car due to life changes. Great for parts or reassembly if you have the time. I drove it prior to cab disassembly in 2015. Rolling chassis is complete, cab metal in good shape. All old wood is available. Some parts have been powder coated/painted (black), thermostat re built by a gentleman who retired from the company who made it. Dash lettering repainted by professional. This must be picked up in Rincon GA (outside of Savannah). I can be contacted by email (tsupon59@gmail.com) or phone (912-944-9924)
  2. I am selling my car for parts due to life changes. It is complete, but body has been removed and disassembled. Chassis is not touched. Some parts have been repaired/rebuilt, powder coated. Looking to sel whole, you must pick it up (ouside Savannah, GA) for a reasonable offer. The car was driven before disassembled. You can contact me by phone (912-944-9924) or email (tsupon59@gmail.com).
  3. For sale cor is torn down and have pictures. It is complete but needs wood replacement. Car does not have windshield wipers or spare tire. Everything else is present. Asking $4000 for the complete car, buyer pays shipping or can pick up in Rincon Ga. Contact info is 912-944-9924. Picture attached of what it looked like before tear down.
  4. Thanks Michael. Last time I check he was out of stock
  5. Hi v12lincoln. I'm still interested in the hubs. I would like to know your asking price for each one. Can you send me your contact info? Or if you prefer my phone number is 912-944-9924, tsupon1@windstream.net. Thanks
  6. Hi v12lincoln. What is your asking price on the original and new styles? Thanks Tom
  7. Hi Bob. In my car the lever moves another piece inside and a little arm attached moves a indicator that says on or off.
  8. Thank you all. I will call Bobs tomorrow. Need to order other items as well.
  9. Hi all. Anyone have or know where I could purchase the lever for the On-Off ignition switch? Mine just broke into 3 pieces. thanks in advance.
  10. You can try here at this link. They rebuild yours or will sell you a new unit. kmlifestyle@hotmail.com.
  11. Thank you gentlemen for all the measurements. This will really help me fab a new one for my car.
  12. Thanks Hugh. I don't have a number for him so I was hoping he would post a list or something that states what he has.
  13. Hi Buick 64c. If you wouldn't mind I would like to see additional pictures and measurements. My box is almost non existent.
  14. Also have not received any response to this post or PM. I assume no list is available or none of the parts I need are in his truck load of parts.
  15. Hi somorgujo. I do not have the parts you are looking for but I think Bob's Automobilia has some pieces for the fuel gauge and the controls. Not sure about the hub caps.
  16. Hi Jon. What ever happened to these parts? I haven't heard whether you finished the inventory and have not heard from you about what items you may have for sale. I have a 1930 series 40 and am interested in finding a variety of items. I can be reached at 912-944-9924. Some of the things I'm looking for are;. Instrument glass and bezel, hand crank, jack extra wooden spoke wheel, items used to mount complete spare wheel on right side front fender and some wheel cleats. Thank you
  17. So is the hole without a gear is only grease?
  18. Thank you Buick64C. Is this the lsmaller gear that goes into the hole on the left side of the picture?
  19. Hi all. I have pulled my fan hub and was wondering if it's missing a gear. It looks like there would be a small gear in the hole beside the drive gear in the picture. Is there supposed to be one there? If so I guess I will be looking for a replacement part or assembly. I have checked on Bob's Automobilia for a replacement bearing type but he is out of stock. Is there any other source for a bearing type hub?
  20. I had another member tell me about mystery fluid to put on rusted bolts/parts. It was a mixture of acetone or mineral spirits mixed with transmission or break fluid. It worked much faster than aerocral or ob blaster. Can anyone verify the mixture for me? Thanks.
  21. I am not sure if yours is the same as a 1930 model but I will try and detail the removal. I have some pics to offer as well. I removed the two screws in the first plate (pic1 & 2). The center piece should now lift up but not off. There is a small screw (pic 4) holding the wire into the bottom of the horn button. Loosen it and the whole piece should now come off. You will find a wire clip installed that holds the horn button in the assembly you just removed (pic 5). Now on the piece that is still installed on the wheel you will find two more screw that need to be removed along with the two remaining levers (pic 3) Make sure you note the locations of the copper sweep and which way the levers are attached. Also on mine there are two pieces of round stock with a spring between them on each lever (pic 6). Be care not to loose these. Once you remove these the steering wheel washer and nut will be accessible. Loosen the nut but do not remove it. The wheel is a press fit to the beveled shaft. I was unable to find any type of puller and another member suggested I use a piece of wood to knock it loose. I used a piece of 2 x 4 and cut one end at a 45 so I would have a small edge to get into the small area between the bottom of the steering wheel and the outer steering shaft. I hit it while rotating the wheel until it moved up the beveled shaft and I could pull it off by hand. If you do not leave the nut in place there is a good chance that the wheel will go flying off. I hope this helps. Good luck.
  22. Try here they may have something. http://www.restorationstuff.com/pdf/RestorationSupplyCompany.pdf
  23. Thanks Bob. I will remove the tube from the nut as the tube does not currently rotate in the nut. Thanks for your advise!
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