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  1. Looking to sell my car due to life changes. Great for parts or reassembly if you have the time. I drove it prior to cab disassembly in 2015. Rolling chassis is complete, cab metal in good shape. All old wood is available. Some parts have been powder coated/painted (black), thermostat re built by a gentleman who retired from the company who made it. Dash lettering repainted by professional. This must be picked up in Rincon GA (outside of Savannah). I can be contacted by email (tsupon59@gmail.com) or phone (912-944-9924)
  2. I am selling my car for parts due to life changes. It is complete, but body has been removed and disassembled. Chassis is not touched. Some parts have been repaired/rebuilt, powder coated. Looking to sel whole, you must pick it up (ouside Savannah, GA) for a reasonable offer. The car was driven before disassembled. You can contact me by phone (912-944-9924) or email (tsupon59@gmail.com).
  3. For sale cor is torn down and have pictures. It is complete but needs wood replacement. Car does not have windshield wipers or spare tire. Everything else is present. Asking $4000 for the complete car, buyer pays shipping or can pick up in Rincon Ga. Contact info is 912-944-9924. Picture attached of what it looked like before tear down.
  4. Thanks Michael. Last time I check he was out of stock
  5. Hi v12lincoln. I'm still interested in the hubs. I would like to know your asking price for each one. Can you send me your contact info? Or if you prefer my phone number is 912-944-9924, tsupon1@windstream.net. Thanks
  6. Hi v12lincoln. What is your asking price on the original and new styles? Thanks Tom
  7. Hi Bob. In my car the lever moves another piece inside and a little arm attached moves a indicator that says on or off.
  8. Thank you all. I will call Bobs tomorrow. Need to order other items as well.
  9. Hi all. Anyone have or know where I could purchase the lever for the On-Off ignition switch? Mine just broke into 3 pieces. thanks in advance.
  10. You can try here at this link. They rebuild yours or will sell you a new unit. kmlifestyle@hotmail.com.
  11. Thank you gentlemen for all the measurements. This will really help me fab a new one for my car.
  12. Thanks Hugh. I don't have a number for him so I was hoping he would post a list or something that states what he has.
  13. Hi Buick 64c. If you wouldn't mind I would like to see additional pictures and measurements. My box is almost non existent.
  14. Also have not received any response to this post or PM. I assume no list is available or none of the parts I need are in his truck load of parts.
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