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  1. Hi Bob, are you still looking for olds truck parts? I'm trying to sell a 21 project truck that has a lot of good parts. It belonged to my father, we will probably never get around to finishing this truck. Let me know if this interests you. We are in Salt Lake City Utah
  2. 1921 Oldsmobile Economy project truck for sale. Lots of parts collected. 2500.00 link to ad https://www.ksl.com/auto/listing/2827905?ad_cid=1 Located in Utah. Contact Mark 8018085545 markangell12@gmail.com
  3. Thanks JV! The local spring shop doesn't care to do them so I must look elsewhere. I have a couple springs that will make a good pattern
  4. I have a 1914 Buick b37. Had new valves made that came out real nice. The springs we have are pretty rough. Could anyone recommend a company to have springs made? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks!