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  1. 1954 pontiac starchief **a.c. car Power steering Power windows Power antenna 6 way adjustable seat Fully loaded original straight 8. Car has rust issues but floors are good. Cranks over but I have not tried to start it. Complete car. Asking 2500 as is. If it don't sell I will part it out and I'm sure we all know how much the complete a.c. system or the power steering system sell for alone. 657 246 8210
  2. U out a 3.73 gear out of an automatic in mine. Would prefer a 3.55 but so far I have never heard of one.
  3. Regarding Canadian pontiac. I know they share tail lights with Chevys. Mine has a big gap between light and fender. Is there a bezel behind it? Also what gear ratio do rear ends have? Where can I get more info or pictures? Having trouble finding one like mine.
  4. Here is the side view. Can't find this model 4 door sedan without the rear qt window.
  5. Thanks tinindian but can't find any like mine. Many 48s though.
  6. I can't figure out how to post pictures on my post.
  7. I just bought my second poncho. This one is a 4 door sedan "German helmet". It's basically a Chevy 4 door fleetline. I can't find info on it. Bumpers are Chevy but I want to put pontiac ones on there. Also since it was not made for the u.s. I can't find any pictures for reference so I don't know if mine is original. Any help is appreciated.
  8. Anyone know where to find a new gas tank or one in great shape? Mine looks like it's been beat with baseball batts. Thanks.
  9. Thanks for all the help guys. Sorry for the late reply. I was expecting my phone to alert me to messages. Hey Kurt I will call you on your intake. I'm thinking just got g from my 1 barrel to a 2 barrel should pep me up a bit. Do you agree? And hey Helfen did I see a dual pontiac intake in your pictures? If so is it for sale or just a reference picture? Thanks again
  10. Hi guys. I'm about to rebuild my engine in my 50 Pontiac silverstreak. I am wondering if there is a dual carb intake for my 239. Has anyone tried making a modification or a plate to put a 2 barrel Pontiac 8 motor in a 6? I have a split manifold right now and I have never seen a set of headers other that home made. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
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