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  1. Sorry all the engine parts have been sold. Still have 4 steel wheels Drive shaft and rear end 2 wood spoke wheels Transmission and bell hoisting
  2. Bill, i am interested in seeing pictures of the spare tire carrier. thanks Mike
  3. I am getting close to finishing up my 26 Dodge Brothers coupe and need to see some detailed pictures of how to mount the spare tire to the trunk area. I can use a split rim or a wooded spoke wheel with the spokes installed. Any help will be appreciated Thanks
  4. I will take a look today. Do you need thepiece attached to the steering box?
  5. my email address is phone number 864-437-4283 Mike Callahan
  6. 1939 Studebaker 4 door, sitting on a 99 s-10 frame. 4 cylinder 5 speed. brakes work, steering works, hydraulic clutch works, need to finish electrical, all of it is there from the s-10. Some rough parts, will take pictures tomorrow. lots of work done, lots left to go. $5,500. will be a cool ride with you are done and you won't see another one in the car show. If you want to be different, this is it.
  7. 1926 Dodge brothers parts for sale. Removed drive train, guages, wheels, radiator, etc to make room for a v-8 and suspension. I will get a list together, reply in the mean time with your needs and give me a price you are willing to pay. Thanks for the interest I have 4 solid metal wheels and tires, and one spit rim wheel and tire. Guage set as pictured Entire engine and all the attachments as pictured I also have the rear end and drive shaft with all the brakes, etc Front cross member with springs and brakes. All in unrusted condidtion Let me know what else you might need Mike
  8. The reason I am changing to 12 volts is that I would have to convert all of the LS engine electronics to 6 volt and that is not practical. I am leaving all of the body stock, just replaced the running gear and the suspension. I wanted to keep up with traffic, 26 had a top speed of 42 when it was new and horrible brakes. Wife would not ride in it without A/C. I will be selling all of the removed parts soon. Thanks for your reply. I have 2 options right now, install an 8" motorcycle head light or a socket and bulb from a modern car.
  9. Thanks for the suggestions. I am converting to 12 volts so I'll be looking for 12 volt bulbs, has anyone made a conversion to allow regular 7" headlight bulbs to be used in the original housing?
  10. I have a 26 dodge and would like to upgrade the headlights. I can't figure out how to get the chrome trim ring off. There is a small hole in the bottom of the ring, guessing it has something to do with releasing something or other. Any suggestions of how to remove the ring and then suggestions on an upgrade? 12 volt. Thanks
  11. everything except body and frame. Completely gutted and disassembled a 26 dodge brothers coupe. rear end and drive shaft, 4 steel sheels and 2 wooden wheels, engine complete, front axle and springs, engine and all that goes with it. much miscalaneous taken off the car. I am changing out the running gear for modern, reliable gear that will go faster than 42 mph. Mike 864-437-4283 Anderson SC.
  12. thanks, any idea on what it takes to put a metal top on? seems like you still need some support somewhere in the middle both sideways and longways.
  13. thanks for the information. I looked a lot and could not find anyone. I got on this forum and finally getting some leads. MRCAUG
  14. Did you sell these yet. Was wondering what you would charge to make me a set of wood for the top. Everything on mine is gone. thanks
  15. Looking for a template or to buy the wood. In another post I saw that Machinst Bill was going to make a pattern. I'd like to get a copy of the pattern or to buy a set of the wood pieces Any help getting me a pattern or a person that will make the wood, would be appreciated. My wood has been replaced with 2x4 frame and 1x8 top pieces and it all so rotted that I can not touch it. Also no idea of how much it should stick up above the metal if at all. thanks MRCAUG
  16. mrcaug

    need to get wood

    oops thank you for the detailed replies I got already. You guys are awesome. What a great forum.
  17. mrcaug

    need to get wood

    oops thank you for the detailed replies I got already. You guys are awesome. What a great forum.
  18. mrcaug

    need to get wood

    here ae some pictures, looks like the last person had a 1 1/2 of wood above the metal before the top wood was put on. Is this right?
  19. I have a 26 and am looking for new wood for the whole top including the rim. Any idea where you are going to look for that.
  20. I have a 26 dodge that has the roof rotted out of it. Where can I get template or the actual wood to replace it. I have search the internet and not much luck. thanks mrcaug