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  1. JoeMac53

    wiper arm removal

    I was puzzled by the same situation today trying to get the windshield wiper burr removed. Its really a splined shaft on the outside and a press fit on the inside to the shaft. There must be a burr on the edge of the shaft that holds the spline adapter in place. Its misleading how to disassembled because there is an 8-32 internal thread also. I found the disassembly process described in the 1952 manual and the special tool J 2682 tool intended for this purpose ... also came across this post. I happened to have a sink faucet puller tool from a previous job that worked perfect and didn't need the J 2682 tool. The tip was small enough to insert into the 8-32 internal thread. You can get them for $10 at Home Depot. Here are some photos. They both came right off.
  2. JoeMac53

    1951 Buick Roadmaster 4 Dr

    I saw this 1951 Buick Roadmaster not far from my house in upstate NY. It had a for sale sign and looked like it had been there a while. For Sale sign had the phone #518-588-0004. I didn't enquire about it cause it doesn't seem to have parts that I can use restoring my 1953 Super. Figured there might be someone looking for something like this.
  3. JoeMac53

    1953 Buick Super 8 Convertible

    Bill, Your build and dedication is nothing short of remarkable. I'm also the proud new owner of a 1953 Buick Super Convertible currently in rough shape (see included photo). I'm at the beginning of my journey ... a lot of learning and work to be done in the years ahead. I found your thread and will use it for future inspiration. Joe