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  1. That looks excellent @Vin63! Do you mind telling us the costs of the parts and how long everything took to complete? Appreciated and thanks, Scott Here are a few of my “girls” although not getting enough time together these days
  2. You bet Darren, very interesting to learn about the transitional changes for a model year. I'm new to classic cars but came in thinking there was a definitive selection of standard features and options for a specific model year...
  3. Ok, had this photo in the collection already, does this help?
  4. Hi Darren, will check my 64' "Beasley" tomorrow when I get to the hangar, it was built in November, 63' I believe, Scott
  5. So many excellent people and such great info on these forums... in anticipation of needing a Super Start battery one day I googled O'Reilly's and see there is a store just across the border in the great little town of Lynden, WA (famous for their pies, ask me how I know ). Thanks guys, Scott Here is a photo of my original 64' a few weeks back, redoing the brakes at the moment, but hope to be back on the road soon...
  6. DW, any chance you could post links to those threads if you have them handy, I'll be doing the same thing after the summer driving season... thanks very much! Scott
  7. After several weeks, the 64' finally arrived all the way across the continent from New York. More "patina" than I was expecting and leaking fluids (transmission fluid, engine oil) but for a 52 year old, original and unrestored car, she is pretty nice. This is my first classic car and I'm looking forward to taking care of any issues and just enjoying her for the time being.
  8. Maybe not exactly what you are thinking but here are two video's I came across recently which you may find worthwhile...
  9. Thanks Ed, still thinking really hard about buying this car. The owner says the car was tuned last year, is running really well and recommends just enjoying it the way it is until deciding which direction to go regarding the carb set up. He is ideally looking for an owner that will keep the car as original as possible (looking past this carb issue of course ) which is certainly my plan.
  10. And #38 and #40 which is really headed in the right direction to help identify what that rear mystery carb is...
  11. Excellent info, thanks guys. I have passed along this to the owner as well and directed him to visit this site if he would like to review all of the comments. It seems now my choices since I like things as correct as possible, are don't buy the car (although at around $24-26k if it as clean and low mileage as it appears and the seller certainly seems like someone to be trusted, it could still represent a fair buy?), or buy the car and try to make it a proper 2x4 set up as per factory if possible finding and using all of the parts outlined in this string (how much time, money and effort would that take?), or buy the car and return it to the stock single four barrel set up (might be relatively easy?).... hmmmm,..
  12. Oh, and just wondering if anyone has looked at the carb and intake manifold hand written info provided by the owner?
  13. I agree Darren, and think that between the comments of everyone here we probably have enough baseline info to verify at least the accuracy of the 2x4 installation, if nothing else... and maybe even the time frame of the installation if we also take into consideration the unverified history of the car according to the previous owners. In your guy's opinion, how much time and effort would it be for the owner to provide these answers?