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  1. Oh sorry I can't believe I forgot that. 85 Riviera
  2. Yes but I need to install the keyless ignition to get the car running again. Last year something snapped somewhere inside the steering column, preventing the key from turning in anyway. This was after I had already replaced the lock cylinder a year prior, so I decided to just install the keyless ignition and figure out the real problem after I move down to Charleston in a couple days. The instructions are pretty clear and I do have some basic knowledge about wiring from high school engineering classes and the Army, just nothing practical or ever actually put into use. Just have no idea where to find the ignition wires.
  3. So when it comes to wiring and electrical, I know close to nothing. I am trying to install one of the keyless start kits, but I honestly have no clue which 5/6 wires are the ones I need. I have the shop manual on my computer, but I cannot seem to figure it out from the diagrams. Does anyone out there have experience with this? Any help is much appreciated.
  4. Anyone know anyone who might have these? Believe it is item number in this graphic http://www.wholesalegmpartsonline.com/showAssembly.aspx?ukey_assembly=377171&ukey_make=1022&ukey_model=14451&ukey_category=19392 Edit: May have finally found some. http://oemcats.com/oem-parts/22017846.html Don't really wanna spend $240 on 4 absorbers, so I would still be interested if anyone here has some cheaper.
  5. Looking for the bumper shocks, I believe the front and rear are the same but I could be wrong. Need 4. Would be shipped to either NC or VA. Thanks for reading.
  6. Looks good. Good to know if I ever do it, that it shouldn't be too hard. Then again the car will probably be sold before then so, eh. Also, trying to pull out the bumper didn't work. I'm thinking I need to replace the shocks.
  7. How funny...I'm actually building a boat right now using fiberglass and epoxy, the stich and glue style boatbuilding. I'll definitely try that out when I'm done with the boat...epoxy ain't cheap stuff. Thanks, for now I will try the epoxy and fiberglass. If that ends up not working out, at least for the coolant reservoir, I'll let you know. Actually, there may be some more parts I need if you could take a look some time...not right now because I have all my money tied up in this boat, but maybe somewhere down the road, if you would be able. My zip is 27909.
  8. And it in fact does not fit. Does anyone know where I might acquire a fitting hitch? Or would I have to have it custom made?
  9. I bought one of the CURT universal fit hitches today, although it just lists the Ford and Chevy trucks as compatible. I figure if it doesn't fit, I'll just take it back and get the refund.
  10. I've never messed with trailers or hitches before so I really don't know if the hitches made today still work for a 30 year old car. All I'm towing is a small boat trailer with a 15' plywood skiff, not very far either. I was looking at the Class 1 hitches from CURT on Amazon, like this: http://www.amazon.com/CURT-11276-Class-Trailer-Hitch/dp/B007D5480S Other than a Class 1 hitch, I don't really know what I'm looking at. I'm doing more research on it in the meantime, but if anyone has any tips or advice it would be much appreciated.
  11. So if you can tell in the above picture, the wheel well molding, or whatever it is called, is cracked pretty badly, It's very lose, which is pretty bad considering it supports the coolant tank. I have known for awhile now that it leaks coolant, but now I think it is coming from the tank itself. Just curious on the price of these two items, together or separate, if anyone even has one. (1985 Riviera Base, 307)
  12. .....its really that simple? I figured maybe the frame was bent, but more likely the bumper was bent since it still drives mostly straight. Never dealt with a bumper or anything before so I was gonna get it looked at. Definitely gonna buy a chain tomorrow and do that. You sir, are a life saver. (Hopefully)
  13. This is my baby...who I will abandon for a 67 Eldorado later this year. And yes I know my license plate is in the picture.
  14. Sadly I am not a member as I will be selling the car this June/July. I probably won't even get to replace the fillers but I was just curious to see how his went.
  15. Curious to know how the front bumper filler went , if you did it yet. I have an 85 that needs both front and rear.
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