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  1. Thank you Nickelroadster for your info. Looks like it is a Model 43 from approx. the years I said.
  2. Hi Dave, I have a post under General Discussion in forums it is "barn find, wooden Oldsmobile dashboard 1916-1920?? Anyone... can you take a look? Trying to ID, year and model, it's marked Oldsmobile. Thank you Bart
  3. Hi, Looking for info on this old dashboard. I bought it at a barn sale, It has a White faced Stewart-Warner Speedometer * a Remy Oldsmobile Ignition switch/ light switch. 36 1/2" long x 8 5/8" high. Can anyone ID this ?? 1916-1920? maybe? The back of the Speedo has the numbers 104 15. Thanks Roadking2003
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