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  1. If someone can tell me the ouside top and bottom diameter of the spring I'll search around and try to locate a new top and bottom spring isolator from another make/model that would fit. I assume all year Reatta's had same size spring?
  2. ^^ My Reatta came with stock suspension and so far ride is comfortable. In the process of restoring it. I was referring to other cars that I've restored/upgraded with low profile tires, plus sized wheels, and lowered - similar to photo above. Some cars are not as bad over rough roads as others when suspension and tires are changed like that. To some degree ride quailty will be compromised. That's just been my experience.
  3. Always liked the look of the lowered cars, less fender gap, shorter sidewall (aka BMW type stance). However after many bone jarring experiences with said setup, I will probably go back to stock tire and wheel size on the Reatta. Looks good in the factory brochure photos.
  4. I like the look but with it being lowered and lower side wall I think ride quality would be highly compromised.
  5. Did the '89 have 15" or "16 stock wheels? I got the car with Yokohama YK520 216/60 16" with American Racing Wheels. It rides very smooth. Will it ride better or notice much of a difference going to 15" wheels with a higher profile tire?
  6. I'll add to that ... Any year Corvette. What other car has its own museum? Thank you Barney for your knowledge and help.
  7. Fronts. Many to choose from
  8. Most browsers store that information. In Saffari it's stored in the keychain. You might have to delete the keychain file associated with this website and do it again. It may have got corrupt.
  9. Good to know thanks for the info. I have found that in older cars radiators are usually partially restricted due to age. Replacing them right away is a good idea. I also like to replace the coolant temperature sensor at the same time just as preventative.
  10. Try this ...
  11. Your web browser will save your user name and password to websites. If you'te using safari try Firefox
  12. I will probably end up just cutting a piece of rubber in the diameter I need for top and bottom.
  13. When you changed your front struts last year did you find any that worked?
  14. Make sure to replace the bump stops and rubber spring seats. I'm changing my bump stops to progressive bumps. These provide more of a progressive softer bump than the hard rubber bumps.
  15. Okay.. Got the dual exhaust installed today. Custom pipes with new catalytic converter and Magnaflow muffler. See the pics in the folder "items fixed" above in my first post. Now... How does it sound? It has a bit more throated sound but not too much. It sound sporty. When revved it sound more agressive deep sound. Here is the other side of it.. You will loose the serene, peaceful, quiet cabin that most Buicks are known for. So if you are one who enjoys cruising in peace and quiet don't install a performance sounding muffler. At city driving there is a slight low rumble. At highway cruising speed with little and no throttle you can here a very slight rumble. Magnaflow tends to be a bit more quiet than other sport mufflers.