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  1. Hi I did that on différents Facebook group and the reaction was very funny. I want to know: What did you found in a car during restoration or just after purchase it? I can be a friend story, I just want to know. Ciao
  2. You will see this one is some pictures about a guy working as a car hunter. He will give us more later. http://charleyscars.com/en/occupation-car-hunter/
  3. JUST WOW. The pictures with the two Beetle is so NICCCCE . YOU make my day
  4. Here a nice one http://charleyscars.com/en/for-some-nothing-better-than-a-horse-ride/ Great catch
  5. What kind of engine is it for? Found parts are good sensation to. Anyway, all things about cars are great to find.
  6. WOWWWWWWW. I can imagine the feeling you got when you get in there. Also when the gentlemen told you that he do not want to sell. Tanks you. This is what I like. Tanks again.
  7. I like to much the VW to let them die....
  8. I did not know that Guia did a Chrysler?
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