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  1. Hello. I put in a request to have the TCs added. Has anyone else requested that? Thank you,
  2. Hey Gary, I wanted to let you know I just finished up with the old TC. Mine came out nice, thank you. There were a couple of small dings, but it is great to have it close to it's old self again. I noticed that one of my wheel center hubcaps came off in the crash. Would you sell just one? Thank you, Josh
  3. Hi Jay, sorry for the long delay. I was able to get the soft top removed and take some pictures. It's in really good shape. It's black inside and out, with no wear or tears that I saw. It is a little dirty. The glass also appears to be in good shape as well. Pictures are attached.
  4. Hi Jay. I bought MoparGary's '90 for the body parts I needed. I haven't looked at the soft top, but I assume (given the rest of the car) that it's in good shape. Let me know if you decide you're ok with having one shipped to you, and if so I'll make sure it's in good shape (it's at the body shop). Thanks,
  5. Hello, Yesterday I was hit in my white 1990, and I am looking for the following parts (I submitted this list in the TCParts site as well): 1) Front bumper cover (4464553) 2) Right front bumper slide bracket (4463016) 3) Front bumper impact strip (4463004) 4) Front bumper filler cover (4463001) 5) Right front bumper filler support (4463032) 6) Right front bumper support (4463030) 7) Front center bumper cover moulding (4463667) 8) Right headlamp assembly (4463594) 9) Right front side marker lamp assembly (4174224) 10) Right fender panel (4463188) 11) Right fender shield extension (4464478) 12) Right fender wheel opening moulding (4463234) 13) Right front bumper finish moulding (4463236) Thank you, Josh
  6. Denver. And yeah, it really does blow.
  7. Hello. Well, I was planning to provide an update to the group. On Friday I picked my TC up with it's brand "new" LeBaron brake system. And Sunday I was out for a drive when a woman decided to turn left from the center lane and smashed into me. Then she took off. So, so, so bummed. Does anyone have experience with body work on these? I know they are not "component" bodies like today's cars, and I've seen that the hand assembly and steel parts make it a challenge. I also know I'll need to look for parts on line (front fender, head light, turn-signal light, chrome along the bumper and wheel well). Did I mention how bummed I am? And I am assuming that matching the paint is a pipe dream, so presumably the whole thing needs to be painted? Thanks,
  8. Hello, Hemi, I think I need your help, and anyone else out there who can assist me with my brake replacement project (actually, my mechanic's brake replacement project). I am planning to replace the brakes using the LaBaron parts as outlined in Hemi's article. I've been looking on-line, and my mechanic has been calling salvage yards for some of the parts, but to no avail. So, my first question is whether anyone has, or knows where to get the two proportioning valves needed for the replacement. Or, as an alternative, if anyone has used an adjustable proportioning valve successfully, so I can use the same brand and settings. I'm also looking for the brake pedal for a LaBaron, but I think that will be easier to find. Right now, the proportioning valves are the big issue. Another question, and Hemi, you'll probably know this; is there any benefit to replacing the calipers and disks to get more brake surface? If so, does anyone have specs? Do I need to replace the wheels? And has anyone done this and found that it makes any difference, or is it a waste? Thank you all. Josh
  9. Hi Lawteacher, I just want to confirm you received my check for the rim. Thank you, Josh Weiss
  10. Hello. How much is shipping of 1 rim to CO? Thank you, JOsh
  11. Hello. Sorry for the delay, and thank you for the responses. I did get the tail brake lights working, so now I need to go in and look at the wiring for the middle light.
  12. Hi, I recently bought a 1990 TC. Yesterday someone told me my brake lights were out. I replaced the fuse today but the brake lights still don't work. Turn signals, tail lights, emergency flashers all work, but all three brake lights are out. Any thoughts about where I might look to find the problem? Thank you,
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