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  1. This may help. http://www.pure-gas.org/index.jsp
  2. Thanks to both! Nvonada, Very nice web site!
  3. Thanks Steve. Who did you buy them from? Steve
  4. After having damage to cars in years past, I first tried mouse traps and then switch to the D-Con packets. I haven't had problems in years.
  5. Steve, More pictures would be great. This one is also a slight mod.
  6. It just doesn't feel right driving without wearing seat belts. What has everyone used when adding seat belts to pre-war cars? Thanks, Steve
  7. One of the cars has a '37 flathead 6 and the other has a '53 flathead 6. What grade of gas and type of additives are you using? Thanks, Steve
  8. Steve, Do you still have the wiper arms and blades? Thanks, Steve
  9. I have been using eBay since it started. I have found that just about all the people are good to deal with. A pair of 1937 Maryland plates just arrived today that I bought on eBay. I looked everywhere at Hershey last weekend and couldn't find them.
  10. Very Nice https://blog.hemmings.com/index.php/2016/09/27/1932-studebaker-president-takes-best-in-show-at-2016-hemmings-motor-news-concours-delegance/?refer=news
  11. Thanks Tom! There is still too much to do and not enough time. How did the '37 President look? Steve
  12. Using the Studebaker catalog for All Sixes 1928-1940 I have the 4101 Distributor and the AL Spark Advance Modifier installed. Doesn't look right First photo Now on the the ignition switch. I have a S1204 in the box of parts. Second photo The third photo shows what is hanging inside the car. Tell me what to do. Thanks, Steve
  13. 1937 3 window coupe with a flathead 6. When I got the car last year a lot of the parts that should have been mounted on the engine were in boxes in the trunk. I have had the gas tank and radiator redone and are now installed. The pictures show the vacuum advances and the distributors that I have. The distributors are autolite 4001 and 4101. Question is which ones should be on the engine and your thoughts as to what I need to do to get it ready to start. Thanks, Steve
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