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  1. SOME TIME IT IS BEST TO FORGET THE TOOL WARRANTY! I had a Craftsman 3/4 inch combination open/box wrench that the box end had cracked and it would slip on a hard pull !!. I cut it in half and bent it in a horsehoe shape, welded a 3/8 nut on it and thinned down the open end. This made it the perfect tool to R&R the vacuum modulators on Ford automatic transmissions. A tool manufacturer in Pa. had a contest for for a new tool suggestion . My local jobber insisted I enter my wrench! I won the top prize of $1000 plus they sent their twin engined company plane down and took me to their factory for a tour plus lunch with their president & the presentation of the check! Really beat the heck out of a replacement wrench plus I got a day off and my "4 women"(wife and 3 teen age daughters) enjoyed the check!!
  2. His wife bought him a nice Minerva at a Pebble Beach auction last August-------MINE!! He seemed very feeble then. Nice people!
  3. Locke Coachbuilders in NY made a convertible three door coupe body. The third door was forward of the right rear fender!. You stepped from the running board to enter the rumble seat! The car's 145 inch wheelbase made this possible!! Have only seen one in last 90 years. A Chrysler. A must for dignified ladies!!!!
  4. BLACK PEPPER works if money is scarce!!
  6. Sitting 45 years with carb off is enough to stick all the valves!!
  7. The 1154 and 1157 have the same size base but will not interchange because the 1157 has staggered"tits" and will only fit one way, whereas the 1154 can be installed :upside down. Very few car brands used the 1154 , before going to the 1157.
  8. Standard equipment on Fords of the early 30's that had the rear mounted spare tire. That is a Ford key slot (like no other) CURTIS was a brand of keys usually found in hardware stores back in the good ol' days when they could cut car keys!!
  9. That is what I have encountered also. The stop is to keep the cable from going too far into the speedo machanism and damaging the "clockworks". I have only worked in auto repair 76 years but really learning some new tricks now .(doing street rods) "Shhhh"
  10. THIS MOULDING IS NEW OLD STOCK. IT IS 35.5 INCHES LONG. SUPPOSEDLY ALSO FITS EARLY 50's BUICK and OLDS 98 . (Was special ordered for customer in 1953. I don't think he still wants/needs it now!) PRICE $50.
  11. i think you need a lesson in mechanicing. If its easy --you are doing it WRONG Serously now:. The new cable has to go into the conduit from the top. The only reason to dis-connect the lower end is if it broke off and you have to remove the broke off piece. You shouldn't have to remove the front seat-- but it is to your advantage to have a body shape like a snake!! HERE IS A TIP: Put a little swipe of wheel bearing grease on the lower third of the new cable. ENJOY
  12. This car has only 17000 actual miles on it! It is a local car and still has the 1943-44 WWII West Virginia license on it! It was a decal you affixed to the windshield. It has been disassembled and repainted with a mid-year promotion color called Palm Beach Gray with wheels and body stripe in Cinnabar Red. All the work has been by professional craftsmen. Included with it is a LeBaron Bonney interior soft trim kit. It has every piece of soft trim inside the car except the headliner at a cost of $3750. The box has never been opened! It still has the new car feel--- no squeaks or rattles----solid car! The car is in Southern West Virginia---Price is $32500. FIRM call Chris @ 304-574-1150
  13. DON"T DO IT !!!! I spent 15 years in dealership service departments as line mech and service manager. You wouldn't believe the factory recall campaigns and what percentage applied to the braking system! These were all systems designed by professional automotive engineers. I think you are headed down the wrong road1 What is the goal? Bragging rights or stopping your car?.
  14. LIKE NEW Was replaced when car was 1 year old! Tests as OK. $375. 304-469-9648
  15. This radiator sprung a leak in 1958 and was replaced under warranty. It is now repaired and like new. Price is $375.
  16. Trade the '51 for a '41 with factory air. Problem solved plus prettier car!
  17. Somebody needs to wake up and smell the coffee! Arnold has an ad in the current issue of ANTIQUE AUTOMOBILE ( I think he always has an ad there)
  18. To me it was just more work to do. I was the service manager in a Mercury-Edsel- Lincoln dealership. The 1959 Edsel was really good. They outsold Mercury for us. Only got one 1960 model . Sold it to the man who had bought our first 1958 model. Very few can claim they bought a 60 model.
  20. I am going to be different from all the above! Back in the good ol'(when we parked a lot!) days you could turn the key to the left and play the radio without burning the points. If you have this type ignition switch (3 position)the terminals will be BAT--Coil--Acc(gauges plus radio) Keep us posted as ever ,Willie
  21. CARTER C3VE-9510-A NEW/OLD STOCK FITS 1963-68 LINCOLN 460cid (was original equipment) PRICE $400. 304-469-9648
  22. WAY TO GO-----Old saying "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em"
  23. F Y I : Starters are not polarity sensitive. Also: Reversing the cables does not reverse the rotation of the starter.
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